Society builds future entrepreneurs

by Mary Vitale, Staff Writer

The Entrepreneur Society at San Diego State continues to increase its presence on campus by bringing in business owners and companies to speak to students.

The society holds several workshops and events for students each year, providing them with opportunities to network with each other and learn how to make a money-making business.

Junior business management major David Shadi, who joined as a freshman, is the president of the Entrepreneur Society.

“We are the biggest and strongest organization on campus for a reason. Each week, students have the opportunity to walk away with more knowledge,” Shadi said.

Several entrepreneurial SDSU alumni have launched successful businesses after graduating.

Ralph Rubio, who started the popular food chain, Rubio’s, graduated from SDSU in 1978.

Jim Sinegal co-founded Costco in 1983 and graduated from SDSU in 1959.

Thom McElroy, who co-founded Volcom graduated in 1989.

The organization is open to all majors across campus and is located in the Lavin Entrepreneur Center on Campanile Drive.

“For just a small fee, our members can network with the most motivated people on campus, get internship opportunities and gain knowledge about business on a weekly basis,” Shadi said.

Students who pay a membership fee also have access to exclusive events, merchandise, trips and chances to win cash prizes.

The society hosts weekly events every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Park Blvd. room on the first floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.

The society invites successful speakers to come to events on campus. In the past, the Entrepreneur Society has invited speakers like the co-founder of Stance and the vice-president of Vans.

The Entrepreneur Society also holds Padres nights where they take members to a San Diego Padres baseball game to network with each other and speak with representatives of the Padres. 

“We want all of our members to reach their full potential,” Shadi said. “I believe that it is our job to help students get reach their goals by giving them knowledge, business experience and internship opportunities.”

Jack Doheny, society member of two years, described the society as, “the ecosystem that encourages my risk taking endeavors. Failures are celebrated, and more than often learning experiences garner more growth than earning experiences.”

Students interested in joining the Entrepreneur Society or looking for more information on events happening through the society can log on to their website.