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Early class registration to begin soon

Kelly Smiley
Student Services West, where the Office of the Registrar is located. Registration dates for students will be moved up beginning summer 2018.

San Diego State is moving ahead with implementing earlier registration dates for next semester.

Students will register for the fall 2018 semester in April, instead of during the summer as has historically been the case.

For the spring 2019 semester, the new registration dates will be sometime in November instead of January 2019. For summer 2019, the new registration date will be sometime in March 2019 instead of April and May. Incoming students will still continue to register after their orientation date.

SDSU Registrar Rayanne Williams said in an email that there have not been any problems implementing the new registration dates.

“It just takes time to map out what needs to be programmed to accommodate the change,” Williams said.

Just like before, students will still be required to pay their tuition and fees ahead of registration, making it more important than ever to fill out the FAFSA on time in order to qualify for fee postponement, she said.

“If a student does not have a fee deferment or fees paid recorded on their record at the time they are to register this will certainly stop them from being able to add any classes,” Williams said.

Those who are eligible for financial aid will be able to see their award amount on AidLink before their registration date.

Like the previous registration system, students who do not qualify for financial aid have the option to apply for a payment installation plan through Student Account Services in the spring 2018 semester.

An initial payment before registering for classes will be required on either a two basic tuition installment plan, or on a new four basic tuition installment plan in order to allow students to spread out payments.

Graphics design junior Greg Mortellaro said he likes the options the installment plan offers.

“I think since it’s so early for registration, you got to have some leeway for payment and give you a little bit of time,” Mortellaro said. “I can imagine that that can be an issue.”

Williams recommended students meet with their department advisers before registering, as the early registration will mean that students can enroll in classes before grades for prerequisite classes have been posted.

When those final grades are posted, students will be dropped from the enrollment roster of a course if they do not meet the prerequisites.   

Social science senior Hannah Montz said she’s concerned about the timing of the new registration dates.

“Typically seniors get (registration) first,” Montz said. “If you would have to retake a class, that could cause some conflict.”

A university webpage on the subject states that the change is meant to benefit students by making it easier for them to plan their school schedules and to meet with advisers, due to the fact that both will be on campus while registration is happening.

“Students will be able to register for their classes a lot earlier than ever before, allowing them to plan for other important things like work, internships, and extracurricular activities,” said Chris Thomas, Associated Students vice president of university affairs in a press release.

“In addition, the new registration timeline will give academic units more time to hire faculty and add sections for classes that are in high demand, which benefits students,” Thomas said.

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Early class registration to begin soon