It’s about time students took a stand against gun violence

by Julie Cappiello, Staff Writer

The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting sparked a movement across the nation advocating for gun reform. That movement hit San Diego State University with Wednesday’s SDSU Walkout for Gun Violence Prevention. Since the shooting happened, marches, walkouts and sit-ins were set up for the next two months.

The time for gun control is now and students are at the forefront with the students of Stoneman Douglas High School as the leaders. Their persistence is empowering for student across the U.S. Instead of cowering, they used their platform to call out Congress on their lack of initiative. 

On March 14, the #Enough walkout, endorsed by the Women’s March organizers is happening. The walkout is to protest Congress refusal to take action on gun violence. The walkout will be 17 minutes — one for every Stoneman Douglas student who lost their lives.

March 24 is the March for Our Lives — a march on Washington organized by the student survivors of the Florida shooting. On the website is a petition for an act to pass new gun legislation. The petition calls for a ban on selling assault rifles and the prohibition of high-capacity magazines.

On April 20 there will be another national walkout on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine high school shooting in Colorado. Columbine was the worst school shooting — at the time — with 15 deaths including the perpetrators’. The mission statement is the same as the others — there must be a change, gun control is needed.

How many more students, teachers and school faculty have to die because the government cowers in the shadow of the NRA. Students of SDSU should voice their opinions and concerns for their safety on campus. As a community we should come together, join the conversations, sign the petitions and advocate for a change.

If we do not make a difference and change the policy, then we will never be safe. SDSU should follow in steps of the student survivors of Stoneman Douglas High School and stand up for safety. The children are the future and they will not be quiet anymore.