Students screen print with puppies and pizza


Catlan Nguyen

Students used printing presses to make designs on totes, shirts and bandanas.

by Catlan Nguyen, Staff Writer

With finals season just around the corner, San Diego State students are approaching one of the most stressful times of the semester.

To counter this, the SDSU student chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts hosted a Pups n’ Pizza event on Nov. 13 in the Art South building.

“It’s essentially an event where students can actually get some screen printing lessons and also get to hang out with little pups,” graphic design senior Jordan Kaatz said. “This certain time of the year, everyone’s really stressed so just getting to hang out with the pups is really helpful and it’s going towards a good foundation.”

The event offered screen printing on tote bags, t-shirts and bandanas along with slices of Costco pizza for those who made a $5 donation to AIGA San Diego and The Animal Pad, a nonprofit dog rescue organization located in San Diego.

Students made tote bags and t-shirts at the campus event (Photo by Catlan Nguyen)

Screen printing uses a manual or automatic press with design stencils. Pups n’ Pizza had multiple manual presses. 

Kaatz said these presses are stamped down onto whatever flat fabric you want to design. Then a special type of paint called plastisol is poured onto the press and a squeegee blade is used to wipe off excess paint. After stamping the design, the clothing items were placed onto a drying rack conveyor belt to seal the design.

The Animal Pad brought five dogs of all sizes to the event to further relieve students’ stress while they mingled. All of the dogs were eligible for adoption.

Students played with dogs at the campus event. (Photo by Catlan Nguyen)

“I haven’t done screen printing before so it was a great opportunity to get that experience as well as (to be around) dogs,” graphic design junior Mikaela Hurst said while holding one of the puppies. “I’ve had a really bad two weeks and as you can see this is helping me out a lot.”

Pups n’ Pizza had a good turnout with around 40 students filling the room.

“I’m glad they’re using this type of environment and holding it in this room because a lot of people don’t know about it and a lot of people are coming out (here) now,” Hurst said. “Screen printing is cool. It’s like a dying process.”

Events such as Pups n’ Pizza make more students want to become involved with AIGA and the work they do on campus.

“I think it was a lot of fun and I think it’s a good way for art students or any other students to see what screen printing is all about,” graphic design sophomore Jada Lomibao said. “It goes towards a good cause. It’s for the puppies and we get to take home a shirt and tote bag. I definitely want to become more involved.”

Students used the bandanas to decorate their dogs or bring them home to their pets.

“It was a chill event,” music audio junior Barry Lomibao said. “I enjoyed printing … (on) bandanas for my dog.”

To learn more about future AIGA events and studio tours visit their Instagram @AIGASDSU.