SDSU creates new Title IX position


Sara Vogel was hired as SDSU’s first Title IX and Student Conduct Investigator in March. Photo by Joe Kendall.

by Jasmine Bermudez, Assistant News Editor

SDSU’s Title IX office created a position aimed toward investigating student sexual assault complaints. Former CSU San Marcos Associate Director of Residence Life Sara Vogel joined SDSU’s Title IX team as the new Title IX and Student Conduct Investigator in March.

SDSU Title IX Coordinator Jessica Rentto said the position was created because SDSU needed someone with the time and expertise to focus on students seeking Title IX resources.

“Over the past few years, I think due in part to the increased dialogue nationwide about issues of sexual violence on college campuses, we have seen a lot more people who are aware of the issue and so more people are coming forward and seeking resources,” Rentto said.

She said Vogel’s position allows student complaints to be addressed by one individual who can provide additional time to support prevention and outreach efforts.

“When someone reports sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, dating violence and things of that nature, I will be working with those students to help them find resources,” Vogel said.

Faculty and staff ultimately report to her regarding Title IX complaints, and she reaches out to students and checks in with them.

Students can also come into her office to get more information on the rights and options they have based on the CSU system’s executive orders.

Vogel said moving forward, some decide they only want resources, and she connects them with the sexual assault victims advocate and professors if they need academic accommodation. Others decide to take it into investigation and she starts talking to the people involved.

“Ultimately, I make sure that they have what they need,” Vogel said.

Rentto said Vogel was hired because she demonstrated a devotion to serving students and their education

“We interviewed a number of great candidates and Sara really stood out,” Rentto said. “Her commitment on student development and student success was evident and she demonstrated it through her prior professional experiences.”

Vogel is a graduate of University of the Pacific, where she worked as a resident advisor. She went to graduate school in Florida and transferred to North Carolina State, where she earned a master’s degree of education in counseling and student development.

Since moving to San Diego in 2013, Vogel has dealt mainly with on-campus residential life. She was UC San Diego’s Assistant Director of Residence Life before working at CSU San Marcos.

Former Interim Director at CSU San Marcos John Capaccio said Vogel was an amazing coworker.

“She is very insightful and has a ‘get it done’ type of attitude,” he said “She looks at the big picture and her strength was making connections with the intent of collaborating.”

Vogel said she hopes to continue to streamline services for SDSU’s Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.

“I want more and more students to know about us through orientation, advocacy across campus and a strong online presence,” Vogel said. “This material can be really tough to understand but we are making it easier to access.”

Vogel said she encourages students to reach out to her and know that there are people who want to help them.

“I am excited to be here,” Vogel said. “I am really happy that this position was created in that we can outreach and positively affect the community here at SDSU.”

Correction: An earlier version incorrectly stated that Vogel’s position was created by SDSU’s Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities. Vogel’s office is located in the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities but it was created by SDSU’s Title IX office. Also, the story was clarified to say that Vogel joined SDSU’s Title IX team as the new Title IX and Student Conduct Investigator.