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Les Femmes International Film Festival comes to San Diego

by Danny Dyer, Staff Writer

September 7, 2017

Feminism and filmmaking have steadily intertwined into a powerhouse movement. Such is the same with Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival which surfaced at the San Diego Digital Gym Cinema last Saturday, September...

MMA fighters risk their lives to ‘make weight’

by Danny Dyer, Staff Columnist

April 19, 2017

Mixed Martial Arts have ballooned into an international phenomenon over the past decade. Whether it is the cobra-like ground gyrations of Jujutsu, the mighty body slams of Judo or the crowd-favored fist fight exchanges, MMA is...

‘Viceland’ is a shallow dive into racial issues

by Danny Dyer, Contributor

February 15, 2017

Racial confrontation is the selling point for Viceland’s newest documentary series “Hate Thy Neighbor.” Hosted by bearded British comedian Jamali Maddix, the series attempts to dissect the mindsets of the most radical hat...

It’s time to erase digital dinosaur Blackboard

by Danny Dyer, Contributor

January 25, 2017

For students, it is the revealer of grades, an informant for missed lectures and the nerve center of all valuable information. For professors, it is the most accessible platform for widespread communication, a virtual chalkboard...