Applications for the Women’s Resource Center Fellowship Program are now open

by Katelynn Robinson, Assistant News Editor

Applications for the Women’s Resource Center Fellowship Program will be open until April 12 at 5 p.m.

The WRC Fellowship Program will be a paid internship that is also available for course credit next semester and eight to 10 candidates will be selected to participate. The fellows of the WRC work at the front desk, coordinate programs and participate in a Passion Project. 

Assistant Director of the WRC, Lori Loftin said the fellows primarily conduct outreach to the SDSU community. 

“The Fellows Program is one of our opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved at the WRC,” Loftin said. “It’s a program where our fellows will usually work collaboratively with our other staff members.”

Loftin said the fellow’s Passion Projects is a project based on the fellow’s feminist interest and is related to intersectional feminism.

Professor of Women’s Studies and Feminist Faculty Scholar, Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh said she encourages students in her classes to apply for the Fellows Program. 

“The fact that my position privileged me to work with the entry students to San Diego State University it is a good opportunity for us to expose them to various, not just student, clubs but these identity centers that exist and also all the support they provide,” Ahmed-Ghosh said.

Loftin said the program also allows for students to work in an environment centered around social justice. 

“They also get a lot of training in feminist leadership development throughout the process of the Fellows Program,” Loftin said. “I think it is a really great opportunity for students because it gives them an opportunity to develop their skills, to practice developing programing and to do so in an environment that is really centered around social justice but also that is very supportive.

Loftin also said working with the undergraduate fellows is one of the most exciting parts of her job. 

“I love to see students come in with passions and then have them develop those passions into their programming,” Loftin said. “I think particularly now it is really fun to see the Fellows Program get really innovative about how to provide programming to the campus.” 

Last year’s fellowship coordinator Doreen Hemmati said the Fellows Program is a good opportunity for students who want to expand their knowledge. 

“Joining the Fellows Program is a really great way to get involved at the Women’s Resource Center because although our fellows are very very knowledgeable it is a good stepping stone where you’re kind of not in the position of hired student staff where you’re expected to already have a lot of preexisting knowledge,” Hemmati said. “You have some knowledge you’re ready to learn more and you’re ready to shape your mind.”

The WRC offers a variety of programs throughout the year. They are listed on their website

“I really love our programming,” Loftin. “I go to it myself. I think it is just a really great way to be in a community in a really disconnected time.” 

Hemmati said the WRC on SDSU’s campus is like her second home. She said she encourages students to stop by the WRC’s virtual front desk to ask questions and even just to have discussions with the front desk staff.