Senior Farewell: Breven Honda

by Breven Honda, Senior Staff Writer

When I look back at the last four years of being a student at San Diego State and the last three as a writer for The Daily Aztec, I think how much I have been able to weather the storm. 

Whether it was covering a long doubleheader, two teams in one day or a conference championship – on top of having a full load of classes – it was meaningful to know that the sun was eventually going to come out.

That’s pretty ironic coming from a local kid that grew up in San Diego and hardly sees raindrops 20 times a year. 

To grow up in San Diego, go to a local college and eventually graduate, it hits differently than another student who did not come from America’s Finest City.

I can not tell how valuable my time was at The Daily Aztec. Thank you to the three sports editors for guiding me on how to write a recap and explaining the difference between a column versus a profile. 

To all of The Daily Aztec staff I have met over the last three years, thank you. It has meant so much interacting with you, both in the newsroom or on zoom.  

One thing about The Daily Aztec writers is that we come from different backgrounds, but we all have the same mentality to put out the best content and the best newspaper that we possibly can, no matter what section it comes from. 

As a writer, I have had the opportunity to see games and matches that I will never forget. 

Thank you to all the players, coaches and sports information directors for giving me the opportunity to talk with you. As a journalist, it has meant more to share your story than to have a byline.  

It never felt like I had to do an interview. It felt more like I got the chance to interview players and coaches about their sport. 

Whether it was volleyball, women’s basketball, water polo or any other sport, that time I had to talk with them, it was like having a conversation wanting to know more about a game, a player, their team or their teammates.  

Ultimately, I would not be where I am today without my family. Thank you mom and dad for all of your support. Your encouragement has given me the strength to press on, persevere and never give up. 

For my final message, I want to say to enjoy the journey that you are on in college. Being part of The Daily Aztec has given me the opportunity and privilege to write a story the way I want it.

I went to Las Vegas a couple of months ago to cover the Mountain West Conference tournament for the entire week. On my way there, I told myself, ‘Enjoy this week. You might not get another week like it.’ 

Never would I have thought since last June that I would more than double the number of stories I have written compared to my first two years. That shows you the will and desire I have had since then. 

If you can put your mind to any goal, you can accomplish anything.