Freshmen move-in checklist essentials


Catlan Nguyen

Zura Residence Hall

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor

For students preparing to move onto campus for the first time, it can be overwhelming to remember everything you need. To make that transition easier, here is a guide for move-in day tips to get you ready for adulting: 

Beds and Storage: Make the most of your space!

  1. If you’re unsure of the specific configurations in your new space be sure to check the SDSU Housing Portal for more details. Most freshman residence halls have twin sized beds, however it is important to double check in case you are placed in a room with a twin extra long, or a full. There’s nothing worse than buying sheets that are too small or too big. 
  2. Measurements for space under the beds in each residence hall are available on the SDSU Housing Instagram @sdsuhousing. As a freshman the most open space will be in the closet and under the bed. So storage bins are a MUST, especially when living in tight quarters.

Don’t Forget Your Hygiene

  1. Essential items for hygiene and sharing bathrooms include a shower caddy and shower shoes. Bring light towels, since the humid weather may prevent thicker fabric from drying quickly. Aside from basic toiletries, don’t forget to pack a simple manicure set, razor, hair dryer and Q-tips. Medicines such as Advil, cold medicine, allergy medicine and a first aid kit will come in handy. 
  2. For students staying in a residence hall that has private bathrooms instead of communal bathrooms, such as University Towers and South Campus Plaza, be sure to bring hand soap, toilet paper, a bathmat and any other personal bathroom items. 

Be a Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine

  1. In the bedroom, an air freshener will go a long way especially when sharing a space with two or more active roommates. On the wall, command hooks and command strips are perfect for hanging posters, string lights, keys and masks. 
  2. If you ever make a mess, vacuums are available to borrow from the front desk in some residence halls. However, a small one may be practical if it can easily fit into your closet.
  1. Each room is assessed based on its level of cleanliness during the monthly “Healthy and Safety Inspections” (in most residence halls) so be sure to have plenty of cleaning supplies. If a room does not pass the initial evaluation the residents must reschedule a new one. Clorox wipes, toilet cleaner, a small trash can, windex and paper towels are easy to store and will get the job done. 

Dirty Dishes and Loads of Laundry

  1. Don’t bring mom’s fine China – reusable plastic plates, bowls, cups and silverware will do the job even for residents living in a room without a kitchen. It is important to remember that microwaves and communal kitchens are available. Two of each item will serve a freshman perfectly. Don’t forget to buy dish soap!
  2. Most residents will use the communal laundry room for washing clothes and their bedding. The easiest to use products are Tide Pods and dryer sheets. Stain removing spray is extremely helpful, along with a steamer to get wrinkles out of clothes. Make sure your laundry basket is easy enough to carry from place to place since it is how you will transport your clothes to and from the laundry room. You will be sharing laundry machines with every other person in your building, so if you leave you load in for more than three minutes after it is done – it will end up on the floor.

Lastly, remember to bring any decor that makes your space feel more like home!