Police presence increases on campus in lieu of parties


Noelani Sapla

University police station located next to campus.

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor

San Diego State has increased law enforcement on campus due to an increase in reckless behavior. Students who participate in illegal behavior will face penalties according to the university-wide email sent on Aug. 26.

Specific behavior students are warned to avoid includes misdemeanor criminal offenses such as minors in possession of alcohol, unlawful use of fireworks, being drunk in public and party complaints.

“SDSU, through coordination with other agencies, has increased the presence of uniform officers who will patrol areas in and around the College Area, throughout the weekend,” the email said. 

The email said students’ future opportunities may be affected by their participation in acts of misdemeanor. It stated these situations are avoidable and come down to individual and group decisions. 

“We will be strict in our enforcement,” the email continued. “Violators of the law are subject to citation, fine, or arrest and students found responsible for violating the student code of conduct are subject to sanctions, including suspension.”

On April 16, SDSU implemented an Amnesty Policy which encouraged students to report incidents of sexual violence, alcohol or drug-related emergencies and hazing incidents, according to the email.

The Amnesty Policy specifically targets organizations but may also be applied to individual instances of hazing. Students can report hazing to the Office of Student Life and Leadership or the San Diego State Police Department by emailing them at reporthazing@sdsu.edu

In an SDSU News Center article, the university lists the organizations no longer recognized by SDSU due to hazing.

“Organizations that have recently been found responsible for violations of the hazing policy and are no longer recognized by SDSU, or that have been unrecognized for years and have been recently reported for hazing-related behaviors, include Beta Omega Phi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, and Theta Chi fraternities,” the article said. “Students and their families are encouraged to research organizations before joining and are strongly encouraged to only affiliate with organizations that are recognized by SDSU out of concerns for safety.”

More information on hazing policies and more can be found on the Organizational Policy and Misconduct website.