Senior Farewell: Karina Bazarte

Senior Farewell: Karina Bazarte

by Karina Bazarte, Mundo Azteca Assistant Editor

I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye… My time at San Diego State University has come to an end. I can finally say I have a bachelor’s degree, something I always wanted to accomplish. I am proud to say I finally made it. SDSU will always be in my heart. KCR SDSU college radio, The National Association of Hispanic Journalists SDSU and The Daily Aztec Mundo Azteca are the organizations I will always cherish forever. 

At KCR SDSU I met my dear friend Carolina Rivera who become my co-host for our show “Morritas Night.” “Morritas Night” was the most amazing thing I did at SDSU because I loved the time I shared with my friend. I also loved interviewing my good friend J. Alexander. I will always cherish the moments, the talks and the accomplishments of being the best talk show of 2020. 

NAHJ has opened so many wonderful memories and opportunities. NAHJ connected me with my amazing mentor Vanessa Nevarez who I know and consider one of my closest friends and familia. With NAHJ I had the chance to receive my first scholarship, and internship and attended a virtual convention. The organization also blessed me with great friends like Daniel Guerrero, Antonio Marquez, Luis Lopez and Noe Sandoval. Thank you NAHJ familia for allowing me to be your president. 

The Daily Aztec will forever have my heart. The DA was never in my plans but my friend Daniel Guerrero encourage me to become assistant editor for Mundo Azteca and I did. The DA made me realize how much I am going to miss everyone who made me smile in our cubicles. My biggest accomplishment was creating the Spanish broadcast for students who are bilingual journalists.  

Shout out to my dear brother Juan Daniel Avila for always having my back, my friend Karelly Vidrio for making me feel beautiful, my shining star Xio for helping me find my spark, Gabriel who will always be that friend I can count on for helping me find my spark, Kelly my sweet friend and Kyra who is an amazing person inside out.   

I wish I could name you all because everyone has a space in my heart. 

SDSU not only gave me friendship but professors who I will forever be thankful for. Dr. Nate, Professor Jerry, Professor Coddon,  Professor Schmitz Weiss and Maestra Chacon I will always be thankful for. 

I have come to the end of my farewell. I hope one day I can cross paths with everyone who made me smile and gave me their friendship. I would love to end my farewell with my favorite quote from the queen Selena Quintanilla-Perez.   

“Always believe that the impossible is always possible.”

Farewell San Diego State University…