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The Look Magazine proves its commitment to artistic expression with their latest launch party

In only its third year running, the fashion magazine continues to see higher levels of quality and creativity
Calista Stocker
The Look Magazine’s launch party

The Look Magazine’s launch party on April 26 introduced its longest issue of 52 pages.

The art and fashion publication releases one issue per semester, and for its sixth issue, the theme was “Alien Superstar,” inspired by the Beyoncé song. 

The event was held in Montezuma Hall, which was decorated to theme with silver balloons, event fliers and the issue itself. 

At the back of the hall, handmade merchandise was for sale. Boasting The Look’s title alongside creative logos, the items ranged from jean tote bags to cropped tank tops.

Upon entering the room, members of the magazine were given a copy of the new issue and guests were able to scan a QR code for a virtual copy.

Charlotte Hopkins, vice president of Events, and Erin Seitzler, co-vice president of Graphics, later came to the stage to thank everyone for their hard work on the magazine, introduce the order of events and invite Madison Geering, the Look Magazine’s president, and Daisy Garcia, the creative director, to the stage.

Geering and Garcia thanked everyone for coming to the launch party and reaffirmed their pride in the issue. 

“I can’t help bragging to anybody who asks about the magazine because each and every one of you are so incredibly talented, and we’re so proud of the work that was put into this issue of the magazine,” Geering said.

Garcia, a senior herself, recognized her fellow graduating board members, which include Geering, Nikka Kawamoto, co-vice president of Graphics, and Presley Horton, the vice president of PR and Social Media.

The rest of the evening was full of local entertainment. Drag queens Jolie Vega and Jordan Almond each delivered exhilarating performances followed up by rock band Junk Starr. 

“We’ve always had drag and bands at every launch party,” Horton said. “It’s an artistic community. Everyone knows someone who’s either in a band or is a drag queen.”

In addition to personal connections, Charlotte Hopkins, the vice president of Events, said that finding bands also consists of outreach and research efforts.

“I’ve looked at other house shows that have happened and I listen around for who people like and what bands are the favorites around here,” Hopkins said. “I really try to listen to see who people actually like and are enjoying listening to.”

In addition to preparing for Issue #6 and planning its signature events, The Look Magazine has spent much of the spring 2024 semester finding new ways to get involved with other artistic organizations on campus.

Back in February, the magazine collaborated with the American Institute of Graphic Arts club on campus to hold a collage-making event. Eventgoers submitted their collage into a contest, where the two winners got to have their collages turned into fliers to be dispersed at the launch party.

For the next academic year, The Look Magazine is hopeful in terms of new events, continued membership growth and more efficient magazine production.

“We’re only in our third year,” Geering said. “The upcoming president is going to be working on expanding (the magazine),. making it more robust, making it work more like (how) professional magazines function.” 

However, Geering and Garcia pride themselves on the quality of the issue itself, stating that they recently changed to sturdier paper material with the help of fundraising efforts. The two also remarked that the content quality has increased as they gain more members and see higher levels of commitment.

As one of the original members, Garcia recalled the magazine team only being able to fill a small classroom of 30 back in fall 2021. Now, The Look Magazine boasts over 70 members. 

“Members (are) more passionate about being involved in the magazine because they’ve seen where it started and they want to be involved,” Garcia said. 

One passionate member is photographer Brian Alvarenga, who recalled that, though it is preferred to stick to the theme chosen by the Creative Director, he has a great deal of free reign.

In one of his photo galleries for the Look’s latest issue, model Victor Hernandez Bustos wore a silver fringed cowboy hat and handmade jewelry. 

“One of my passions is creating concepts that revolve around my (Latino) culture,” Alvarenga said. “It’s (a) commentary on machismo values in the Latin American community. I wanted to counteract that.”

Check out the latest issue here.

Editor’s Note: Daisy Garcia is a member of The Daily Aztec