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Senior Farewell: Sumaia Wegner

Sumaia Wegner poses for a photo at Viejas Arena after covering a game for the men’s basketball team. (Photo courtesy of Sumaia Wegner)
  • Mere seconds before Lamont Butler made the buzzer-beater shot at last year’s Final Four, Huy Huynh and I met Magic Johnson while covering the team for The Daily Aztec.

Between getting a photo with Johnson and seeing the ball go in the net, it was at that moment I realized I was given a sign to keep my motivation going. 

I would not be at San Diego State University if it wasn’t for Mary Eden, a counselor at Mesa College (at the time). 

If it wasn’t for her encouraging me to apply to SDSU during my last semester at Mesa, I would not be here, months away from a long, overdue graduation. 

As I have gotten older, I have learned that everyone has a different timeline. Up until I transferred to SDSU, I had forgotten a part of myself. Life happens, and sometimes, your dreams get put to the side. 

Three years ago when Eden asked me if I considered applying to SDSU, I instantly answered “no.” After the challenging years I had, barely getting through community college, how was I going to get into a university? 

Apparently, all I had to do was believe in myself, like she did.

Once I stepped foot onto Campanile Walkway, my dreams were placed back in front of me.

Because we have a word count for print stories at The Daily Aztec, there isn’t enough space to list all the accomplishments I have had as an aspiring journalist (I’ll link it online) , so I’ll mention those who have been a part of my amazing journey. 

To Mary, of course. 

To Temple Northup for providing the space to make me a great storyteller, whether it be in San Diego or Thailand. 

To Virginia Loh-Hagan for her fierce guidance. 

To all my JMS and communication professors for continuing to harvest my knowledge. 

To Christina Lombardo for showing me how to make my first video package. 

To Jayne Yutig and Mackenzie Stafford for making me feel confident in front of the camera.

To Catlan Nguyen, Trinity Bland and Ryan Hardison for their encouragement. 

To Gabriel Schneider and Xiomara Villarreal-Gerardo for believing in my leadership.

To Justin Cox for scheduling my first media day with the men’s basketball team, and to Morgan Prickett for calling me during spring break, telling me to hop on a plane to go with them to cover the NCAA Championships.

To Brittany Cruz-Fejeran. From having me take over the role as the Asian American Journalists Association, SDSU chapter president, to launching S.T.A.R.T.E.R.S and the Lahaina project (shoutout to Hannah Ly and Petrina Tran), to showing me compassion.

To Tran and Jennifer Aguilar for their smiles and hugs during my busiest days.

To Huynh, Daniela Ramirez, Eric Evelhoch, Noah Lyons and the rest of the DA crew for making the office feel like a home away from home.

To all my communications friends, for keeping a spot open for me during lunch, starting with Isabella Jereza, the first friend I made at SDSU, and Qi Guo, who introduced me to The Daily Aztec.

To Kelly Cutler and Ryan Kehl for their kindness.

To Daesha Gear, for choosing me as her managing editor. 

To Kurt Kroeber for always being there, with his office door open, from when I first started as a staff writer.

To the PSFA College Council for having me join their executive board as the vice president of culture and diversity and to the MESA Foundation for their appreciation of my work.

To the men’s basketball program, for giving me the space to grow as a sports reporter.

To every single person I have interviewed for their time.

My sincerest gratitude goes to San Diego State University, the journalism department and The Daily Aztec. I don’t think I have ever been more supported in pursuing my goals than from the paths that have been paved for me from being here.

To my family and friends off-campus, for knowing the depths I have gone through, loving me and rooting for me every step of the way.  

And to God, for giving me that sign. 

Thank you.

My best is yet to come. 

Mamba Mentality (mantra): “A constant quest to be the best version of yourself.”


About the Contributor
Sumaia Wegner
Sumaia Wegner, '23-24 Managing Editor
Originally from Santa Clarita, California, Sumaia Wegner is a is a double major, studying Journalism and Communication.  She started as a staff writer for The Daily Aztec, then became Arts and Culture Editor, and is now the current Managing Editor. Aside from her leadership role, Sumaia is also a reporter for the men's basketball team. Last year she covered the Mountain West Championship as well as the NCAA Championship. Sumaia is the president of the Asian American Journalists Association (SDSU Chapter) as well as the vice president of Culture and Diversity for SDSU's College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. She started her career as a journalist while she was traveling abroad in Bangladesh, where she was a writer for The Independent newspaper. She wrote for the “Youth and Independent” section focusing on narratives that evaluated eastern and western cultures. Sumaia has received the following awards for The Daily Aztec: "The Inspirer," "Quest for Excellence," and "Best Section."