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Artists and music lovers unite over an electric atmosphere at Wonderfront

The Saint Cecilia and Amo Amo speak on the fan environment surrounding the annual San Diego festival
Isabella Biunno
Wonderfront 2024 brought crowds of plenty to the Seaport Village greenery on May 10-12.

In its third year as a music and arts festival, Wonderfront has continued to sell out and excite new and returning attendees. This year’s lineup included an alternative rock contrast to the previous years of 2019’s hip hop consisting of Lil Baby and Miguel, and the pop-centric lineup of 2022 with Cage the Elephant and Gwen Stefani. 

Megan Foley, an attendee for all three days of the festival, spoke on her highlighted moments of the performances. 

When asked what her favorite part of the festival was, she replied “I think watching the fans during the performances. It’s been really cute especially yesterday during Weezer,” Foley said. “Everyone was just so electric and energetic and it was just really cute watching everybody be together around music, having fun and it was great.”

As soon as someone entered the park of stages and vendors, they were greeted with booths of drinks for sale, independent apparel pop-ups, vinyl for sale, art on display, and much more. It can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but for those wanting a break from music, there was plenty more to see. A giant Wonderfront sign stood overlooking the water while attendees came and went, and a booth was set up for people to play instruments at their leisure. 

Of the various artists who played, The Saint Cecilia was an indie rock band from Costa Rica who had been in America for only five days, yet played a lights-out performance to kickstart Sunday’s lineup of shows. 

Saint Cecilia performs on the Harbor Club stage at Wonderfront 2024. (Isabella Biunno)

“As artists, we’ve been treated so well,” said bassist Guillaume Devigne. “Everybody has been so kind to us. We’re in a beautiful city. We’ve been in beautiful cities in beautiful places with nice people. We love it.”

“Some people came from Costa Rica to see us play here,” Lead singer Stewart Heigold said. “We’re very proud to be here. I’ve never been to the U.S., this is my first time here. We’re very excited, and I think we’re gonna be here next year to keep calm and create a fan base here.”

The band creates a mix of psychedelic rock alongside modern indie punk, with a live band feel heard through many of their studio recordings. 

On the way walking between stages, concertgoers had the chance to play cornhole or replenish on free Celsius, which was a big hit amongst the attendees. 

Vendors offered a variety of food from sushi burritos to classic burgers and pizza, and plenty of drink options. There were plenty of food and drinks to enjoy nearby when attendees weren’t immersed in the music. 

Another band from the lineup, Amo Amo, who played on Saturday, spoke on the overall experience with fans and playing Wonderfront. 

 “It was a massive festival,” Lovelle Femma, lead singer, said. “One of the stages we played was a boat stage that was like probably almost a mile from the venue. We had to hop on a golf cart, and they had to take us over there, which is a funny part about being at festivals.” 

“A lot of people know the lyrics,” Femma said. “I have really kind lovely people who like my music, and it’s always really fun to say hi to them afterward or to dance and sing with them when they know a song. I feel really good about it.”

Femma sings angelic vocals that blend with charming sounds that lift listeners out of their bodies and into another world. Their best-known song is “Around the Sun,” a collaboration with the band, Poolside. Other songs such as “Closer to You,” and “Antidote,” sway you back and forth with an easy-listening sound. 

“I feel like the energy of the lyrics that I write and the songs that I write, carry this more emotional element,” Femma said. “Especially for this set, I’m actually recovering from having tinnitus in my right ear, and so having a drummer on stage, I had to figure out how to do my band without having a drummer sitting next to me because it was triggering. We took beats, and we put them on a sampler. So the beats are coming out of the main speakers, and they’re way more dance-oriented. I don’t have to have a drummer on stage so it’s definitely going to push the sound of my project in a more dance-oriented way.”

San Diego State Alumni, Grant Ronburn, also spoke on his three-day experience and the comforting environment.

“This is our second time here,” Ronburn said. “The best part is all the various artists that came and being here with all my best friends and my girlfriend, to be with all the people we love to be around.” 

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Roman Aguilar, '24-25 Sports Editor, '23 -24 Sports Editor
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Isabella Biunno
Isabella Biunno, '24-25 Managing Editor, '23-24 Photo Editor
Isabella Biunno (she/her/hers) is a photographer for The Daily Aztec. She is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she was a part of yearbook and publications for nearly six years. She is a first-year Psychology major with an emphasis in neuroscience, and she plans to go to graduate school for Occupational Therapy. She loves photography, editing, and creating, and she can’t wait to continue shooting content for the DA. One thing she is passionate about outside of photojournalism is being involved in the disability/Autism community. She is a part of SDSU’s Adapted Athletics club, and she worked as an Instructor at a company back home called Inclusion Fusion where she was able to work with people with disabilities. Although her career-related passions fall in the healthcare field, she enjoys taking pictures and covering photo events just as much. She looks forward to expanding her experience as a photographer as well as capturing some astounding shots this year.