Mayor Todd Gloria speaks at SDSU Union Theatre

Gloria encourages SDSU students to vote


Victor Nyden

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria speaks at San Diego State University Union Theatre.

by Christian Houser, News Editor

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria spoke and answered questions at the Union Theatre at the last event of Associated Students “Rock the Vote” initiative on Oct. 31. 

Gloria encouraged students to not only vote, but inspire friends and family to do the same.

According to Associated Students, “Rock the Vote” is an initiative that aims to increase the voter and civic engagement of SDSU students. 

During the speech, Gloria emphasized the importance of participation of young people this week’s Nov. 8 election.

“When young people don’t participate, when students don’t participate, you get things like what we’re seeing, which is random gun violence, deteriorating climate, student loan and student debt issues that are absolutely mind numbing,” Gloria said.

According to Gloria, housing and homelessness are the biggest problems facing San Diego. 

During the speech he supported Measure C, which according to  Gloria, would create 4,250 new homes at the sports arena site.

Gloria also said that students play a large role in making change in the community.

“Your (students) direct participation grabs the attention of decision makers and forces policy change,” Gloria said.

Gloria then spoke for 10 minutes before turning the talk over to questions from the audience.

Robert Thomas, an extended study student, listened to Mayor Todd Gloria and engaged in the question and answer session. Thomas, however, wished to see more turnout at the event.

“You know, in my day, at UCSB, and earlier at San Diego State. That event would have been packed, spoken in the big hall during the election,” Thomas said.

Thomas also hopes students will understand the gravity of the election and the importance of voting.

“As young people, they have the most to lose or gain,” Thomas said. 

Associated Students is hosting a county-led vote center in Templo Mayor throughout the week located on the second floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. 

Same day voter registration and mail-in ballot drop off will be available until Nov. 8.