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Ask an Aztec: Why choose SDSU?

Amid growing popularity and national accreditation, students reflect on why they decided to go to San Diego State University
Theresa Schroeder
Students from San Diego State University pose for headshots across campus in March 2024.

The California State University system prides itself on being the “largest and most diverse” public university system in America. The system’s notorious affordability and accessibility draw a large student body of over 400,000.

As one of the system’s top ranked schools, San Diego State alone serves over 35,000 students with a wide variety of needs and backgrounds. 

With college commitment season in full swing, students reflected on why they made the decision to continue their higher education at SDSU.

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Ellie Harvey, a first-year student:

“I’m from the East Coast, so I wanted to live around people who were more like the ‘West Coast’ type of people. I like the people here, I like the lifestyle here and I think that the education is a little bit stronger here. I think that (the CSU) focuses more on real-world issues and things that we’re going to use out of college more.

Jason Nguyen, a third-year student:

“I kind of picked it for the sports because I’m a big sports fan, so I thought it was a good balance of a good school and good athletics.”  

Frida Sanchez, a second-year student:

“I chose (San Diego State) just because it’s my state school. It was way cheaper, (and) I got better financial aid.” 

As a marketing major, Sanchez said SDSU was a good pick for its business school.  

“My sister’s also an alumni so it was just the best option for me at this point.”

Alberto Escalante, a third-year student:

“I chose SDSU because the high school that I went to was Montgomery High School, so our mascot was an Aztec.” 

Escalante recalled that he had  family members and friends who attended both SDSU and Montgomery High School who said that their motto is ‘Once an Aztec, always an Aztec.’

“I came to the campus and fell in love with it. Great view, great people, great professors. It’s just a really great campus, overall, and I’m really grateful to be here.” 

Lauren Esguerra, a third-year student:

“I chose SDSU because it’s the closest to my house. Also, I’m in the nursing program and it was the most practical, but also, my dream school for nursing. I know, for nursing transfers, it’s really hard to get in, so I felt really accomplished when I got accepted.”

Ava Denninger, a first-year student:

“I chose SDSU because I really like the San Diego weather. I’m from Wisconsin, so right now we have three feet of snow at home. I’m going to the beach and I’m sitting outside and I’m not freezing to death.”