Students to Vote on Aztec Warrior Mascot’sfate

by Staff

A student referendum on the proposed Aztec Warrior mascot will beconducted through the San Diego State WebPortal from Dec. 3 to Dec.5. The proposed mascot was developed to meet guidelines created bythe Aztec Identity Task Force in May 2001 stating that the mascotshould be a culturally and historically accurate representation ofAztec culture.

The Aztec Warrior can be viewed at Nov. 17. An additional referendum will be conducted withthe Alumni Association and the Aztec Athletic Foundation. If allgroups approve of the proposal, the Aztec Warrior will be developedas the mascot.

The results will be announced Thursday, Dec. 11.

College of Sciences opens its doors to thepublic

The College of Sciences is inviting the community to look at thevery small and very large at their Inner Space/Outer Space Exhibitionand Open House from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday. The event is free ofcharge.

Students and faculty of the college will be showing powerfullaboratory equipment that allows visitors to get a glimpse of manydifferent aspects of the worlds around and inside them.

In the Electron Microscope Facility in the Physical Sciencesbuilding, attendees will be shown internal and external views ofanimals and plants magnified 1,000 to 50,000 times.

On top of the Physics-Astronomy building, people can look throughtelescopes at the sun, moon and other parts of the universe. Therewill also be a planetarium show displaying the San Diego night sky.

Attendees can learn about their surroundings on Earth fromexhibits presented by the geology department. The physics departmentwill demonstrate three-dimensional laser holograms and the use ofsound waves to bend light beams.

NOW presents Sexual

Awareness Day

SDSU’s Chapter of National Organization for Women will have itsfirst Sexual Assault Awareness Day on Tuesday. They will have a tablein Aztec Center where they will be selling “I LOVE CONSENSUAL SEX”T-shirts for $10. The shirts are meant to promote sex as a mutualdecision. The organization wants to make people more aware of facts,like how more than 525 rapes may happen each year on a campus with asimilar size female population as SDSU.

– Compiled by Assistant City Editor Melissa Berlant