CSU launches full online degrees

by Stephanie Saccente

In a step toward a more digital age, California State University schools are offering students the opportunity to receive a degree through a new online program called Cal State Online.

Cal State Fullerton was the first school to launch their online degree program through the Cal State Online service on Jan. 14. Prospective students wishing to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration can complete the online program taught by faculty and staff from Cal State Fullerton. Nine other online degree programs from other CSU schools will begin in Fall 2013.
Cal State Online offers students an innovative college education accessible from any location. While this program may be the best choice for some people, others prefer a more traditional college experience.

Business marketing sophomore Stephanie Johnson says attending school on a college campus was the best choice for her because it allowed her, the opportunity to move to a different city and meet new people.
“I think that it helps so much to interact with all the professors and students so you are more prepared for when you graduate, and you could make so many connections just by going to class,” Johnson said.

While San Diego State is currently not part of the Cal State Online program, SDSU offers a variety of online programs through the College of Extended Studies. According to Media Relations Specialist for the College of Extended Studies Steve Dolan, there are three programs students can take through the College of Extended Studies to obtain a degree online. The three online degrees offered are for a Master of Arts in Educational Technology, a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs.

Apart from the three online degrees, SDSU also gives students the option to take some undergraduate classes online. Individualized online classes are offered for many majors at SDSU, including science, mathematics and philosophy classes.
After taking an online course in a previous semester, Kinesiology senior Emily Peterson said she prefers a classroom rather than an online course. She said that while it was convenient to be able to complete the work at any given time and location, she was less focused and motivated.

“It’s hard to sit there and listen to an online lecture,” Peterson said. “I got behind on many of the lectures and, overall, I just don’t feel it’s nearly as good of a learning experience. Also, you don’t study as hard for an online test as you would if it was an in class test.”
Prospective students can apply for admission to the Cal State Online program on the website www.calstateonline.com