East Commons to feature new dining options

Photo by staff


Photo by staff

by Stephanie Saccente

With the addition of the new Aztec Student Union next semester, San Diego State Dining Services will be making some changes to the current dining options on campus. The changes are effective next semester and will include a new Subway in East Commons and a larger Starbucks.

Subway to Replace West Coast Sandwich Company 

After a five-year discussion with Subway, the space in East Commons currently occupied by West Coast Sandwich Company will close on Dec. 13 to make room for a Subway.

While Dining Services debated whether bringing Subway to campus was the best decision, a large request for a Subway on campus in the annual customer satisfaction survey prompted a deal.

“Subway keeps coming up as a popular choice for what people want to see,” Dining Services Director Paul Melchior said. “We’ve been communicating with Subway for a while, but the timing never seemed right before; it feels right now so we decided to make that change.”

The university or Aztec Shops Ltd. will not face any remodeling costs and instead will be handled by Subway.

Public relations junior Katie Higman was disappointed to hear West Coast Sandwich Company was closing. As a student with a meal plan, Higman said a big draw to West Coast Sandwich Company is its variety of sandwiches, salads, pizzas and sides. She is worried Subway won’t be able to meet the same expectations.

“I feel like overall students will react positively since Subway offers such a wide variety of sandwiches,” Higman said. “However if Subway doesn’t offer any salad or side options (like West Coast Sandwich does) students might not react so positively.”

Starbucks Relocating to Aztec Student Union 

Currently, there are three Starbucks franchises on campus located at East Commons, West Commons and the College Avenue location, which were purchased by SDSU after the old student union closed.

Starting in the spring semester, the Starbucks at East Commons will be moving to the new Aztec Student Union. The new location will be close to 3,800 square feet—the biggest on campus—and will offer more seating space. The staff from the East Commons store and some of the equipment will be used at the new location. At this time, it is unknown what the space from the old Starbucks location will be used for, Melchior said.

“The reality is now we have three Starbucks when in the past, we’ve only had two. There’s not enough need to have Aztec Student Union Starbucks, East Commons Starbucks, West Commons Starbucks and College Ave Starbucks,” Melchior said.

Current Starbucks East Commons barista and nursing major, Courtney Hegwar is looking forward to the move to the new student union. Hegwar said it will increase business.

“I think our move will be beneficial and I think it will reach a lot more students since it will be amid many new buildings and destinations for Aztecs,” Hegwar said. “I believe this will be especially true at the beginning since the excitement surrounding a new student union will be the air.”

In addition to the new dining changes, SDSU also opened the renovated dining hall at University Towers, UT Kitchen, earlier this semester. Melchior said the student response has been positive.

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Photo by staff