Multiple cars damaged by deaf driver on Montezuma Road

by Quinn Owen, Senior Staff Writer

A loud crash and an ear-piercing screech at approximately 11:20 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 12 were the result of a four-car collision near the intersection of Montezuma Road and Campanile Drive.

San Diego State Police Captain Josh Mays said the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and said the driver sustained minor injuries. The driver is deaf, but Mays did not indicate that his hearing impairment was the cause of the accident.

Immediately following the noise, College Campanile Apartment residents, mostly SDSU students, gathered along the sidewalk. On the opposite side of the street from the apartment complex, smoke was billowing from a white Hyundai Sonata.

SDSU criminal justice major Jeremy Cappon was the first person to approach the car. He opened the door of the Sonata and pulled the driver out with the assistance of an unidentified man.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after and attempted to arrest the driver. Cappon said the driver was reluctant to cooperate with the police.

“He wasn’t letting the cops put the handcuffs on him,” Cappon said. “It took three cops to get the handcuffs on him. He was resisting the entire time.”

Cappon said he observed significant damage to four cars as a result of the incident. Each car was scraped on the left side as the driver traveled west on Montezuma.

The front right tire of the Sonata was completely removed. The wheel had scraped against the street until the car grinded to a halt and could no longer move.

The traffic division of the San Diego Police Department is handling the investigation.