Crime Beat: Peeping Tom update

by Quinn Owen, Senior Staff Writer

The San Diego State police department received two reports of sexual assault from SDSU Student Health Services last week.

The first was reported by an SDSU student on Friday, Nov. 14 around 11 a.m. The reported incident occurred outside of San Diego, according to the SDSUPD media bulletin.
SDSU police Capt. Joshua Mays said the female student did not want the police to get involved.
The second incident was reported Saturday evening, but occurred sometime in mid-October on Fraternity Row.
The assaulted person is an SDSU student. No suspect has been identified in this case, according to SDSU police.
Peeping Tom update
SDSU police have not identified a suspect in any of the three peeping Tom cases reported by SDSU students early Sunday morning.
Police continue to look for a man in his late 40s, thin build with dark hair and skin, Mays said. This description was  based on eye-witness accounts.