Student almost abducted near SDSU

by Quinn Owen, Senior Staff Writer

3:40 p.m. update: San Diego State police have images of the suspects’ car. The department tweeted the two images of the car and issued an email alert to all students on Sunday afternoon, asking for information about the silver or gray 40door sedan.

The sedan which, police say could be a Toyota, was last seen driving east on Montezuma Road.

Original post: A San Diego State student was nearly abducted on 55th Street near Fraternity Row at approximately 12:35 a.m. Sunday morning.

The female student was walking home when she dropped her cell phone. Before she could pick it up, a man in a Toyota Camry got out of his car, grabbed the phone and drove away. Within a few minutes, the car returned and one of the men inside offered to give the student her phone. When she approached the car, one of the men attempted to pull her inside. She was able to escape with the cell phone and was not injured.

The San Diego State Police Department is investigating the incident and has several leads, according to a department’s community safety alert.

At this time, SDSU police know of six suspects. Two are reportedly African American men. The rest were not identified to SDSUPD.

One of the African Americans was described as tall and slender with short brown or black curly hair and several tattoos on his chest and arms.

Police encourage anyone with information on this incident to call Detective Smith at 619-594-7874 and reference case number 14-1905.  To provide information anonymously, students can call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 619-235-8477.