I will be back, Barcelona

by David Hernandez, News Editor

Forget revisiting Barcelona — I want to live there. Here’s how the city leaves a lasting impression:

1. The weather

The climate is mild throughout the year with minimal rain. Even in the winter, it’s not as cold as northern European regions. The summer is hot, but not unbearable.

2. The vivacious nightlife

The list of clubs, most of which are grandiose, is infinite. The schedule is a night owls dream: Spaniards typically head to the bars around 10 p.m., to the clubs at 12 a.m. and call it a night at 5 a.m.

3. Long summer nights

The sun sets at 9 p.m. in the summer, making nights seemz internal.

4. Transportation

The metro system is as accessible as it gets. A six-minute-on-average wait is the most you can expect and transferring between metro lines is easy.

NitBus runs all night. Whether you’re out as “early” as midnight or out until 4 a.m., there’s always a bus to take you home.

5. Catalan

The language is similar to Spanish, but truth be told it takes a while to pick it up. However, catchy words stick. Adéu replaces adios or goodbye.

6. Parc de la Ciutadella

A gigantic park with a majestic water fountain.

7. Cerveza

Once night falls, vendors selling canned beer walk around the main areas of the city, shouting “cerveza beer!” (pronounced “cerveza bir”). A beer for a euro during a night out comes in handy every once in a while. 

8. Parc Güell

It’s an architectural wonderland with a great view of the city. Please look it up.

9. Parc del Laberint D’Horta

A labyrinth park that includes beautiful landscape aside from its windy labyrinth.

10. La Sagrada Familia

A extravagant cathedral, La Sagrada Familia is emblematic of Barcelona and seen from any high points of the city.

11. Café con leche

Forget fancy coffee drinks, this small cup of coffee and milk (essentially a latte) is potent and simple, and most restaurants and cafes offer it for 1 to 3 Euros.

12. Espit Chupitos

The walls of this bar are lined with an infinite menu of shots, most of which are prepared on fire.

13. The warm sea

“It’s a sea!” I was reminded every time I referred to Barcelona’s beaches as an ocean. I could swim for hours.

14. L’Ovella Negra

This rustic tavern offers a small plate of popcorn with any purchase, because jugs of beer or sangria with popcorn on the side are actually great. A favorite is the tavern’s sultry Leche de Pantera — condensed milk and rum topped with cinnamon.

15. Sant Jordi

The equivalent to our Valentine’s Day. Girls receive a rose and guys receive a book. On April 23, the streets are lined with tables and stands selling roses or books.

16. FC Barcelona

Barcelona is home to one of the best football (erm, soccer) teams (erm, clubs). Its starting player, Leo Messi is arguably the best player in the world. Camp Nou, the iconic stadium, is a sea of vehement fans decked in blue, burgundy and yellow.

17. Sant Joan

Barcelona celebrates the summer solstice by spending the night at the beaches and setting up bonfires. People gather around fires, most of them drinking and going into the water, and stay out until sunrise.

18. Patatas bravas

It’s potatoes galore in Barcelona. Patatas bravas are similar to potato wedges, but better. Depending on the restaurant, they’re crispy, soft or in between. The most delicious aspect is the sauce the patatas bravas are topped with.

19. Castellers

It’s truly hard to realize what the human body can accomplish until human towers, which are part of cultural celebrations in Barcelona, form in front of your eyes.

20. Plaza de Catalunya

An open plaza adorned with a water fountain, Plaza de Catalunya is a typical meeting point because of its accessibility to other parts of the city.

21. La Boqueria

Stands with small juices for 1 or 2 euros are the high point of La Boqueria, a market that is open every day.

22. Dow Jones

It’s an “American” bar that emulates Wall Street. Screens atop the bar walls show you the prices of drinks, which increase or decrease depending on popularity at that instant. As people order the cheaper beer, it begins to increase in price.