Students elect next Associated Students representatives with highest voter turnout in history


Emely Navarro

The crowd swarms around Miller as she is declared A.S. President.

by Jamie Ballard, News Editor

Energy was high in Montezuma Hall on Thursday, March 17 for the announcement of the Associated Students elections results. The event was scheduled to begin at approximately 8 p.m., but didn’t start until nearly an hour later thanks to some last-minute tallying.

This year marked the highest voter turnout rate in A.S. history, with 6,056 votes, approximately 20 percent of the student body. The event welcomed hundreds of excited students who came out to support their chosen candidates. The candidates themselves were circling the room, thanking people for their support.

The campaigns lasted approximately two weeks, and included a series of official debates, moderated by The Daily Aztec.

The A.S. Elections Committee called the meeting to order and announced the results, beginning with the A.S. University Council Representatives.

The A.S. President result was the last announcement of the night. With 2,687 votes, or 48.5 percent, Jamie Miller was the elected A.S. president for  2016-17. The roar was deafening as a crowd swarmed around Miller, who was standing to the side of the room.

“It’s been the biggest roller coaster of my life,” Miller said.

The complete elections results are below:

  • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Representative: Eran Bechor
  • Campus Community Commission Representative: Josh Miller
  • Community Service Commission Representative: Anya Shutovska
  • Recreation and Wellness Commission Representative: Carlo Lacson
  • Sustainability Commission Representative: Alessandra Casey
  • Student Diversity Commission Representative: Natalie Martinez
  • Student Support Commission Representative: McKinley Kane
  • Student at Large Campus Representatives: Alexis Alexander and Tagg Hurtubise
  • College of Arts and Letters Representatives: Carmel Alon, Carlos Perez and Nick Elliott
  • College of Business Representatives: Ben Delbick, Troy Owens, AhnaMia Maranon, and Josh Skolnick
  • College of Education Representatives: Linsey Santos and Shaneice White
  • College of Engineering Representatives: Ozair Purmul, Imahn Moshksar, and Daniel DeFever
  • College of Health and Human Services Representatives: Victor Uwakwe, Asha Abdirahim, and Gass Hersi
  • College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representatives: Samantha Ledesma, Mitchell Frame, and America Newell
  • College of Sciences Representatives: Dakota DeCecco, Lauryn Davis, Gabe Sheehan, and Imani White
  • Undeclared/Unclassified Studies Representative: Kyle Ruiz
  • Graduate Student Association President: Shanika Cureton