A.S. update: Miracle Week, mascot resolution information and enrollment updates


Samantha Bonpensiero

Members of the A.S. University Council at a September meeting.

by Diana Guevarra, Staff Writer

The A.S. University Council assembled on Nov. 15 for its bi-weekly meeting to discuss Miracle Week, the recent University Senate mascot resolution and enrollment updates.

Miracle Week

Michael Glassman, College of Health and Human Services representative, discussed fundraising events happening after Thanksgiving break.  

The Aztec Dance Marathon is scheduled for next semester on Feb. 24, but registration is encouraged Nov. 27 to Dec. 1 during Miracle Week a week-long promotion campaign by Aztec Dance Marathon.

The  15-hour overnight dance event is the largest non-profit event on campus. It raises money and awareness for patients battling life-threatening illnesses and injuries at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

“Our main purpose is to make sure that all these kids can be Aztecs,” Glassman said. “They should be able enjoy their childhood like we were able to.”

Last year, the non-profit organization raised $84,140 for Rady Children’s Hospital. Their goal this year is to raise over $200,000, Glassman said.

Aztec mascot resolution

The University Senate’s recent resolution to retire the human representation of the Aztec mascot and form a task force to investigate the appropriateness of the mascot has sparked controversy among student, alumni and faculty.

Cesar Ornatowski, University Senate representative, said the resolution has an advisory function, and cannot be implemented without the approval of SDSU President Sally Roush.

“There is a lot of public misrepresentation of what the resolution means,” Ornatowski said. “The Senate doesn’t have the power to retire the Aztec representation or name, that decision belongs to the president.”

He said University Senate members have no issues retiring the human representation, but have concerns with the costs of retiring the use of the spear, which would mean retiring merchandise and repainting logos on buildings and transportation.

Ornatowski said he’s unsure what Roush’s ultimate decision will be, but said he expects her to pass the issue to the next university president because of her interim role.

Enrollment Updates

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Sandra Cook presented recent statistics of student enrollment at SDSU.

According to the Office of Analytic Studies and Institutional Research, the university had a total of 85,074 new applications this fall. SDSU has been on the top 10 universities for overall applicants, she said.