A.S. update: Elections, Explore SDSU, Campus Safety Week, new Media Room, Economic Crisis Response Team


Samantha Bonpensiero

Members of the A.S. University Council at a September meeting.

by Sofia Bert, Staff Writer

The Associated Students University Council met for its bi-weekly meeting on March 7 to discuss Explore SDSU, Campus Safety Week, the new Media Room and the Economic Crisis Response Team.

Explore SDSU

Explore SDSU will be held on March 17 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. according to the university’s website.

Unlike in previous years, most high school students who attend Explore SDSU this year will not yet have heard back from admissions on whether they’ve been accepted to the university.

“If at any point a student has any questions about their admission status, they will be prepped and ready inside the prospective student center,” SDSU Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Andrea Dooley said. “They will be able to talk about their situation.”

Campus Safety Week

SDSU will be hosting its first ever Campus Safety Week immediately after spring break. The week will be joined with the Trans Week of Empowerment with The Pride Center, Take Back the Week with the Women’s Resource Center, Live Well Aztecs with Aztec Recreation and Rock the Vote, A.S. Executive Vice President Vanessa Girard said.

During Campus Safety Week, students will learn more about a pilot shuttle/escort program being enacted in fall of 2018.

This program currently has two different proposals, but is centered around the idea of merging the current safety escort services and the Red and Black Shuttle. Both proposals include a west and east route that both connects in front of the Speech Language and Hearing sciences building.

They both also call for escort vans to operate between 5 p.m. and midnight on weeknights.

The largest difference between the two proposals is the first one having only two vans, one red and one black and the second proposal has four vans, two red and two black.

“The university understands that transportation and safety are an issue we are having right now, so we’ve been working this semester to create this proposal and really have conversations with the university and the community about how we can make something like this to happen,” Girard said.

More information will be released during Campus Safety Week.

New Media Room

SDSU’s new Media Room is set to open in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union next month. The room is currently being tested, and will include recording equipment for both sound and video.

As of now, there will be no cost to using this media room, but that could change, A.S. Executive Director Christina Brown said.

Economic Crisis Response Team

The SDSU Economic Crisis Response Team is looking for students to join its newly-created marketing subcommittee. The purpose of the committee is to help market the ECRT’s programs and resources for students who are facing homelessness or are in need of immediate assistance.

The ECRT currently offers its members financial literacy counseling and classes. A.S. is considering creating a program for finance and business majors to teach and offer classes to SDSU students to offer them real-life help on how to do their taxes and plan their finances.