Senior Farewell: Lilly Glenister


by Lilly Glenister, Managing Editor

I really don’t have too much to say, but I want to thank everyone I have worked with at The Daily Aztec these past four years at San Diego State.

I started writing for The Daily Aztec the first semester of my freshman year. Being a member of The Daily Aztec has been one of the defining factors of my college experience.

Before starting college, I had a few friends from high school who doubted how much I could accomplish at a CSU campus. With The Daily Aztec, I feel like I have gotten the most out of my time here at SDSU.

If I hadn’t joined our university newspaper, I wouldn’t feel as connected to this great college.

I also want to thank my family and friends for always supporting my work at the newspaper and always backing me up throughout my academic career.

Although it’s been difficult spending countless hours in our basement newsroom, I can’t say that I regret any of it.

I have been honored to be The Daily Aztec’s managing editor and I have loved getting to know all of our editors and overseeing all of the great work our staff puts together on a weekly basis.

I’ve also met most of my college friends working at The Daily Aztec. Special shout out to one of my best friends, Sarah Tanori. I am so happy I met her when I was a freshman writing for the entertainment section.

I want to wish Will Fritz and Jocelyn Moran good luck next school year as The Daily Aztec’s new editor-in-chief and managing editor.

Finally, special thanks to all my smart and powerful Daily Aztec girls. Jasmine Bermudez, Emely Navarro, Cami Buckman, Kelly Smiley and Alex Piscatelli: I know you’ll all go on to amazing careers and I’m excited to share the title of Daily Aztec alumnae with you all.

Congratulations SDSU class of 2018!