Senior Farewell: Emely Navarro

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer

I remember covering my first story when I was a freshman.

I was mortified.

It was a science story, and I thought, “what do I know about science?” I picked journalism to stay away from science, but regardless, I nervously wrote the story.

I had never written an article in my life. After seeing all of the edits, I felt embarrassed and didn’t write another article for over three weeks.

Then, the second semester of freshman year came, and I set a goal to become a better writer. I started picking up two articles a week, and by the end of the semester, the news editor gave me the “Most Improved Writer” award. That award validated everything and motivated me to be news editor one day.

I did everything I could to reach that goal. I produced videos to accompany my stories, covered countless breaking news stories and basically ate, slept and breathed The Daily Aztec. I became consumed by the paper and spent most of my free time in the basement of the Education and Business Administration building until accomplishing my goal.

As I’m sure you’ve read in everyone’s senior farewell, the basement is iconic. And despite the air conditioning never working, the lack of natural light and it potentially being haunted, it was home. My desk gave me comfort when there were three protests  I had to cover in a week and that dreaded night when Donald Trump was elected president.

I met so many incredible friends down there. From the very first Gossip Girlz meeting with Alex Piscatelli, Jacob Sisneros and Jamie Ballard to meeting Will Fritz during a news meeting and me thinking “who is this annoying freshman giving me attitude?” To my last day as news editor everything about that place has been perfect. The long, stressful production nights and sleepless days were worth it because it was time well spent with amazing, hard working people.

I accomplished everything I wanted to with the paper and left at the perfect time.

The editorial staff in 2017 was perfect. A well oiled machine. The people were one of a kind. From my close knit Gossip Girlz pals, to my latin soul sister Andrea Lopez, sassy cubicle neighbor Anthony Recuslado, lil brown girl Lilly Glenister, incredible singing partner Kelly Smiley and everyone on staff that year thank you. You topped off my memories of The Daily Aztec perfectly.

It has been a pleasure to stop by occasionally on production nights this year and see the amazing work the editorial staff has done. The paper has improved tremendously over the past year and I am excited to see what Will Fritz and Jocelyn Moran do to make it flourish.

Will, stay true to yourself, be kind and I hope you print out 100 copies of the “you’ve been Fritz’d” sign for the office. Jocelyn, remember to always do what makes you happy. I am extremely proud of both of you, and I know you will be a great team.

And to my parents…Muchas gracias a mis padres por todo el apoyo que me han dado durante los años. Nada de esto fue posible sin ustedes.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy my last picture in the newspaper… I have enjoyed being the newspaper’s covergirl for the past two years.