Chainsmokers and 5SOS excite the crowd at Viejas Arena


Alexa Oslowski

Chainsmoker member Drew Taggart sang to the crowd.

by Kassandra Cabral, Contributor

Fresh after releasing their brand new single “Who Do You Love” with 5 Seconds of Summer, The Chainsmokers announced they will be returning on tour this fall. 

But this time, they brought 5SOS and Lennon Stella along, bringing the party to San Diego for their World War Joy Tour on Nov. 24.

Lennon Stella opened for 5SOS and the Chainsmokers.

Lennon Stella, a 20-year-old singer from Ontario, Canada, started off the night with her dance electronic music. Her set was simple and carried a moody, airy vibe which caters to her lo-fi pop sound. Fans burst with excitement when “La Di Da” was performed, making sure to sing along with every word.

Before Australian punk-pop band 5SOS stepped on stage, their fans eagerly awaited their performance. 

Zoey Swett, a long time fan of the band, said she had traveled all the way from Maine with her best friend, Allie Pomroe, to see the World War Joy Tour. The duo planned on traveling down to Los Angeles to see the band perform again the next night. 

“We’ve been fans since 2012 and have been to every tour since they started headlining their own shows, it’s crazy how much they have grown since then,” Swett said. 

The Australian foursome 5SOS hit took to the stage next, playing a true double headline with enough time for 16 songs on their own set. 

They kicked their set off with their 2014 hit “She Looks So Perfect,” closing the set with a performance of their 2018 single “Youngblood.” Fans also got to hear their new single “Teeth,” an explosive track that is bound to get you off your feet. 

5SOS effortlessly managed to keep the crowd hyped the entire time. The screams were at their highest levels during the band’s supporting set. The band was second listed on the tour, but those in attendance might have argued otherwise. 

There was rarely a dull moment once The Chainsmokers started playing. Ever since the duo’s breakout single “Selfie” in 2014, Alex and Drew have hit the ground running and became one of the best teams in EDM and pop music.

5SOS members shred their guitars to hype up the audience.

The Chainsmokers turned the Viejas Arena into a rave with an EDM set filled with fire, smoke, lasers, motorcyclist and more.

They played hit after hit, keeping the crowd engaged, and had everyone on their feet dancing and having a good time. Music blogger and San Diego City College student, Chels known as PLNKWIFI, was excited to see both artists on stage to perform their single “Who Do You Love?” 

“Every single expectation I had for this show has been topped,” Chels said.

The Chainsmokers brought out 5SOS once more to perform their hit single “Who Do You Love?”  Giving both 5SOS and Chainsmoker fans a moment to jam out to both artists and bond over the music. 

Ultimately, this was a memorable show with three unique acts that are making big moves in the current music scene.