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Dania Brett, University Senate Administrative Analyst, holds a sign that says

Black community members reflect on discrimination, community one year removed from vandalism, racist attacks

by Daniel Guerrero, Senior Staff Writer // February 19, 2020

The spring 2019 semester was grimly defined by multiple incidents of racism that included the vandalization of the Black Resource Center, a viral video...

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Stop with the assumptions about the Middle East and ask more questions

by Lehi Naseem, Contributor // February 24, 2016

My name is Lehi Mohammad Naseem. I am from Kurdistan, Northern Iraq and I am a Muslim woman. I do not wear a scarf, but I still believe in Allah, which...

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Prejudice and racism: They differ more than you might think

by Kemi Giwa, Staff Columnist // January 27, 2016

Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution — a systematic disadvantage based solely on race. By that...

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