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El Cajon protesters muddle message

October 5, 2016

One sign read “End Slavery” in bold green letters, another said “All lives matter.” There was also a bright red cap bopping around with the infamous...

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Defamation versus free speech on our campus

May 4, 2016

Speak out. Voice your opinion. Get involved. You’re safe. Students of San Diego State University have become familiar with statements like these....

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Stop with the assumptions about the Middle East and ask more questions

February 24, 2016

My name is Lehi Mohammad Naseem. I am from Kurdistan, Northern Iraq and I am a Muslim woman. I do not wear a scarf, but I still believe in Allah, which...

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Snapchat’s unexpected success: Why do we love it so much?

February 10, 2016 Poof. That image of your best friend rolling her eyes in her Comm 103 lecture has disappeared. You laughed instead...

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