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SDSU housing plans to reopen all traditional residence halls for fall 2021

by Katelynn Robinson, Assistant News Editor // April 14, 2021

In light of San Diego State’s announcement that plans to resume in-person classes for fall 2021, the housing administration has some updates as well.  Executive...

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Struggling, one apartment at a time

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Contributor // March 8, 2018

It is January. Classes have just started back up and I am logging on to the housing portal for the first time since August.  It was hard for me to believe...

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Floor three in Zura Hall serves as the Honors College hall.

Honors College learning community builds bonds through academics

by Julianna Ress, Senior Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

Being accepted into San Diego State’s Weber Honors College is among the most prestigious recognitions a student can attain, but aside from the resume...

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Surviving SDSU, one housing horror story at a time

Surviving SDSU, one housing horror story at a time

by Kelly Kerrigan, Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

Welcome to San Diego State, where every month students pay their incredibly high rent to live in subpar housing and inadequate living situations. College...

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Plants can be woven into dorm room decor without plant growing skills and dedication by purchasing faux cacti and succulents. (Urban Outfitters, $14).

Decorating for any space on every budget can be done

by Lauren J. Mapp, Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

Wallets might be extra tight for college students, but that doesn’t mean dorm rooms have to be lifelessly dull, undecorated spaces. Here are some tips...

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Floor three in Zura Hall displays creative information boards.

Snapshot: SDSU Residential Learning Communities

by Kayleigh Venne, Senior Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

Living in the dorms is not only a rite of passage, but also an experience that has a great influence on a student’s freshman year. Fate ultimately...

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Chase Schlein and Victor Karagiozov relax in their living room.

Transitioning from dorm to apartment living isn’t so bad

by Ceighlee Fennel, Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

Transitions can be rough. It’s like going from a cute kid to an awkward teen, or jumping from a hot tub to a freezing pool. There are so many other...

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[VIDEO] Fire department discusses students’ most overlooked fire hazards

by Monica Linzmeier, Editor in Chief // November 4, 2014

Firefighters and paramedics respond to most calls in five to eight minutes, but here are some tips so that hopefully you won't need to call them.

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