The Daily Aztec

2019-2020 Staff

Ceighlee Fennel

Arts & Culture Editor

Michael Cline

Assistant News Editor

Michael Cline is a second-year graduate student in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Department. He graduate...

Kyle Betz

Assistant Sports Editor

Kyle is a third-year journalism student at SDSU and 2019-20 marks his third year reporting for The Daily...

Kaitlyn Little

News Editor

Kaitlyn is a journalism senior at San Diego State and is pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. She we...

Aaron Tolentino

Sports Editor

Aaron is in his second and final year at SDSU. He is a junior college transfer from the Bay Area. From...

Sophia Torres

Staff Writer

Sophia is in her first year at SDSU. She is a freshman from Victorville, California and a pre-journalism...

Amber Salas

Staff Writer

Amber is a third-year journalism student at SDSU from San Clemente, California. This is her first year...

Ashley Na

Staff Writer

Charlie Vargas

Staff Writer

Jeanette Giovanniello

Staff Writer

Jeanette Giovanniello is a junior studying journalism at San Diego State. She is from Long Island, New...

Katelynn Robinson

Staff Writer

Katelynn Robinson is a journalism pre-major at San Diego State and hopes to pursue a career in investigative...

Luis Lopez

Staff Writer

Devin Whatley

Staff Writer

Devin Whatley is a sophomore majoring in journalism from San Diego. His interests are in listening to...

Juniper Perkins

Staff Writer

Hannah Goldstone

Staff Writer

Hannah Goldstone is a senior studying sociology.

Aretha Matsushima

Staff Writer

Aretha is a second-year journalism major. She is a writer for the news section. After graduation she...

Olivia Li

Staff Writer

Olivia Li is a third-year student studying journalism and minoring in marketing from the Bay Area. This...

Breven Honda

Staff Writer

Breven is a third-year journalism student at SDSU and in his second year writing for The Daily Aztec....

Cristian Alvarez

Staff Writer

Cristian Alvarez is a sixth-year journalism student at SDSU. Currently, Cristian is in his second year at ...

Reese Savoie

Reese is a third-year media studies student at SDSU. She is from San Diego, CA and has a passion for ...

Sam Mayo

Staff Photographer

Alexa Oslowski

Photo Editor

Alexa Oslowski is a 4th-year student studying journalism with a minor in art. She is a transfer student...

Jadyn Brandt

Senior Staff Writer

Jadyn Brandt is a second-year student studying journalism with a minor in marketing. This is her first...

Amal Younis

Multimedia Editor

Amal Younis is an SDSU journalism senior and the multimedia editor for The Daily Aztec. She is Egypt...

Alexandra Gex


Sydney Faulkner

Senior Staff Writer

Flower Smith


Jack Molmud

Live editor

Jack is the editor for The Daily Aztec Live show. He transferred to SDSU in 2018 as a journalism major;...

Kareem Jones

Staff Photographer

Kareem is in his fourth year at San Diego State University where he studies Journalism with an emphasis...

Kelly Kerrigan

Senior Staff Writer

Brenden Tuccinardi

Engagement Editor

Brenden is a third-year studying advertising with a minor in interdisciplinary studies. He has a passion...

Emily Burgess

Production Designer

Emily is a sophomore at San Diego State. She is pursuing a degree in graphic design with a double minor...

Catherine Van Weele

Opinion Editor

Catherine Van Weele is a sophomore studying political science.

Johann Derek Oribello

Senior Staff Writer

Johann Derek Oribello is an English senior at San Diego State with a minor in journalism. He’s fro...

Daniel Guerrero

Senior Staff Writer

Daniel Guerrero is a senior pursuing a degree in journalism. He is from Anaheim, California and is a tr...