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Senior Farewell: Jazlyn Dieguez

Jazlyn Dieguez celebrates in her cap and gown at Hepner Hall on May 8, 2024. (Photo courtesy of Katie Carozza)

I was reluctant to join The Daily Aztec. Initially, I frowned on the idea of contributing to a school newspaper because, in my mind, newspapers felt corporate, outdated and boring. But deep down inside, I doubted my ability to contribute to the paper and ultimately convinced myself that it wasn’t the right path for me. 

I quickly realized I was wrong. Joining the DA has been one of the best decisions I could have made, and it truly changed my life.

When I first joined the DA, I wasn’t fully committed. During that same semester, I joined The Look Magazine and dedicated my time to covering fashion, arts and culture around San Diego State. While I was able to secure bylines and an editorial position, I still felt unfulfilled. I was missing a sense of belonging, which ultimately made me redirect my attention to the DA. 

In the newsroom, I discovered my professional purpose. As I covered events in San Diego, ranging from small student businesses to reviewing a Daniel Caesar concert, I found myself exhilarated by the passion radiating from individuals around me. 

Through photography, I developed a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures, capturing moments like the 51st annual Powwow or the rockstar performance of Jaden Hossler. These experiences have encouraged me to explore unfamiliar areas, such as multimedia, where I learned to create packages, social media content and anchor for the first time –– a pursuit I’d never considered attempting. 

Through the DA, I also had the privilege of becoming a member of the SDSU Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. These two organizations helped expand my professional network and equipped me with the skills needed to enter the journalism industry. I am particularly thankful to NAHJ for helping me reconnect with my culture and providing a deeper understanding of its significance in my life.

The DA has empowered me to value my potential by taking on challenges without hesitation. Without a doubt, it has transformed me into the person I am today by teaching me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue opportunities with confidence. This publication has instilled in me a sense of resilience and determination to achieve my dreams.

However, none of my successes can be acknowledged without the help of my closest friends. 

I’ve had the pleasure of forming friendships with so many incredible people who are the heart and soul of the newsroom. I’ll forever cherish the late-night newsroom chats where we talked about our aspirations and the countless lunches we ordered as an excuse to spend more time together. I am honored to have shared a chapter of my life with every person I’ve had the privilege of meeting, some of whom have become my friends for life.

Another achievement close to my heart is the creation of AMOR Magazine, a class assignment that flourished into a small publication. I’m deeply grateful to have led a team of talented writers who appreciate the beauty of art and understand what it means to be an artist. Thank you for trusting my vision and for your contributions that made AMOR special.

As for the next chapter of my life, I’m excited to share that I have been selected to join the 2024 NAHJ Student Project team in Hollywood for the NAHJ International Training Convention & Expo. In the student project, I will have the opportunity to cover events in Hollywood under the guidance of professional mentors across the U.S.

From being timid of my abilities to now being named the most outstanding graduate for journalism within the School of Journalism and Media Studies, words can not describe the amount of joy I’ve experienced from evolving as an individual. This is all thanks to the unwavering support of my friends and family who believe in me. 

I love you all, and to the Daily Aztec, thank you for giving me the courage to be proud of who I am.

About the Contributor
Jazlyn Dieguez
Jazlyn Dieguez, '23-24 Social Media Editor
Jazlyn Dieguez (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year journalism major minoring in creative editing and publishing from Salinas, California. She possesses a strong drive to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talents across various mediums including social media, broadcasting and writing. Prior to assuming the role of social media editor for The Daily Aztec, Dieguez served as a staff writer for The Daily Aztec's Arts and Culture section and held the position of vice president of writing & copy for The Look Magazine, SDSU's first student-run arts, fashion and culture publication. Currently, Dieguez has taken on the responsibilities of vice president for SDSU's Society of Professional Journalists chapter and social media editor for SDSU's National Association of Hispanic Journalists chapter. Apart from her academic pursuits, Dieguez enjoys binge-watching TV shows, discovering new music, traveling to new locations and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion.