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SDSU Women's basketball looks to part with the 'red sea'

SDSU Women’s basketball looks to part with the ‘red sea’

by Jacob Sisneros, Senior Staff Writer // November 18, 2015

There is one constant in photos of the San Diego State women’s basketball team playing at Viejas Arena in recent years: the red sea. Not the body...

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Aztecs Talk: Why aren't more people attending football games?

Aztecs Talk: Why aren’t more people attending football games?

by Ken Priest, Staff Columnist // November 10, 2015

While Aztec football has had its ups and downs this season, one thing has remained consistent: a lack of attendance in Qualcomm Stadium. Despite riding...

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Clickers babysit college students

Clickers babysit college students

by Sabrina Shahawi, Staff Columnist // September 27, 2014

At San Diego State, clickers have become an essential tool for large lecture learning. In a class of 400 people, a teacher can engage with his or her students...

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