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‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is both chilling and fun

by Ryan Hardison, Arts & Culture Editor // October 21, 2021

When entering the yearly traditions of spooky season, everyone needs a scary movie to pair with their bowls of candy and pumpkin-spiced goods to fully...

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NIGHT TEETH (2021). Jorge Lengeborg Jr. as Benny ans Deborah Ryan Papp as Blaire.

Campy and cringe ‘Night Teeth’ totally bites

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor // October 21, 2021

Campy thriller teen movie? Vampires, again? Bella, where the hell have you been, loca? The new movie "Night Teeth" was released on Netflix on Oct. 20.  “Night...

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The figures in red jumpsuits oversee the games and eliminate competitors who break the rules.

‘Squid Game’ is a triumph in the age of streaming

by Hailey Doolittle , Contributor // October 8, 2021

It’s the age of streaming. With hundreds of shows and movies released daily, it is hard to imagine that one would stand out from the rest. The idea of...

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(L to R) Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer and Tanner Buchanan as Cameron Kweller in “He’s All That.

“He’s All That” ushers “Pygmalion” into the digital age

by Ryan Hardison, Arts & Culture Editor // September 1, 2021

“He’s All That” is a 2021 teenage romantic comedy all about turning one outcast high schooler from a nottie into a hottie. Sounds familiar right?  Based...

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(L to R) SANDRA OH as JI-YOON and JAY DUPLASS as BILL in episode 106 of THE CHAIR

“The Chair” is a smart satire of academia with ample room to grow

by Emily Forschen, Senior Staff Writer // August 31, 2021

Amanda Peet almost winced at the idea of timing the topics of her show. “I really just so badly wanted to make a romantic comedy, a workplace, office...

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A screenshot of the Netflix series featuring Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry.

Review: Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia” shines as family figures out their new home

by Nicholas Ebadat, Staff Writer // March 31, 2021

The popular Netflix show “Ginny and Georgia” is a realistic and gritty drama about a checkered family not used to staying in one place for long. The...

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A screenshot of the movie from Netflix. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Review: Netflix’s “Amend: The Fight for America” is a hopeful stroll through the US’ tough history

by Jacob Sullivan, Staff Writer // March 20, 2021

"Amend: The Fight for America" is a limited documentary series on Netflix. The six-episode series covers the multifaceted struggle different groups of...

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Fans deserve satisfying season finales

Fans deserve satisfying season finales

by Ryan Hardison, Senior Staff Writer // March 10, 2021

There are few things on this earth I despise more than disappointing television show finales.  To me, a satisfying television show finale is one that...

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Malcolm and Marie features actors John David Washington and Zendaya Coleman.

Review: Netflix’s Malcolm and Marie is a beautifully made, but flawed film

by Kayla Brown, Staff Writer // March 1, 2021

Netflix’s “Malcolm & Marie” is a black and white movie full of dreamy cinematography and raw emotion. There is endless drama for the entirety...

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Night Stalker uses a unique format compared to other true crime series, with first-hand interviews and accounts from victims and main detectives.

Review: Netflix’s “Night Stalker” brings thrills and horror to a true crime documentary

by Catlan Nguyen, Social Media Editor // February 4, 2021

With the rise in popularity of true crime documentary series on Netflix, “Night Stalker” seemed destined to get lost among other true crime content. Within...

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Debbie Allen by John Mathew Smith & is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Review: Entertainer Debbie Allen showcases teaching skills in new Netflix documentary

by Trinity Bland, Opinion Editor // December 23, 2020

Best known to fans of '80s television, the Oscars, televised dance competitions and "Grey's Anatomy," Debbie Allen is an actress, choreographer, director...

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Reality TV gets a little hotter with the new Netflix reality drama Too Hot to Handle, now streaming.

Reality TV gets “Too Hot to Handle”

by Ryan Hardison, Staff Writer // April 30, 2020

What happens when a group of gorgeous and irresponsible adults ends up on a luxurious island resort with a chance to win $100,000? A month full of drama,...

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