PASS THE POPCORN: Indie deserves some cred

by Staff

Andrew Dickler and Marguerite Moreau play a couple without the usual pre-wedding jitters in ?Douchebag.?

After two years apart, brothers Sam (Andrew Dickler) and Tom Nussbaum (Ben York Jones) have been reunited. A long-standing and mysterious feud has kept them from seeing one another, but thanks to Sam’s intervening fiancée (Marguerite Moreau), the two are forced to play nice in the days leading up to Sam’s wedding.

While Sam claims the dispute stemmed from an incident with the brothers’ childhood dog, it seems their tension is much greater than anything attributable to canine issues. They make a gentleman’s agreement to put aside their differences for the sake of Sam’s annoyingly jolly fiancée, but a road trip to find Tom’s long-lost fifth-grade girlfriend puts their patience to the test.

“Douchebag” is mainly a three-person show and despite a dragging first half, some of the characters do eventually become likable. The subtle hatred between the fiery-bearded Sam and Tom, who is still being supported by their parents, is palpable in their scenes together.

Clocking in at a brisk 81 minutes, “Douchebag” feels like more of an extended short film than a full-length feature. It is provides quick but amateur comedy that turns out to be deeper than the title would suggest. The characters are developed and director Drake Doremus crafts a story that is simple, yet involving.

Movie: Douchebag

Directed by: Drake Doremus

Grade: B