Student Disability Services respond

by Stephanie Saccente

Antonio Zaragoza, photo editor
Antonio Zaragoza, Photo Editor

In an effort to assist students with disabilities and ensure their needs are met, San Diego State’s Student Disability Services and Physical Plant stress their determination to work with students on a case-by-case basis.

Director of Student Disability Services Mary Shojai expressed her remorse for not being able to assist Angela Van Ostran, who experienced difficulties with the Storm Hall elevator. Shojai was unaware until recently of the problems.

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“Personally, I am disappointed that Student Disability Services has not had the opportunity to assist this student,” Shojai said. “We are here to help and if we had known about the situation we could have advocated on the student’s behalf – both with Physical Plant and with the student’s professor. However, we know that students also have the right to advocate on their own behalf and I respect the student’s right to do that as well.”

According to a representative from Physical Plant, all elevators on campus are inspected by the Division of Occupational Health and Safety every year, and also by Physical Plant once every month. A general inspection consists of door operability tests, lubrications, adjustments and riding the elevator to ensure safe stops at all landings.

John Ferris, director of Physical Plant, stressed his concern for the safety of all students on campus.

“SDSU Physical Plant is dedicated to serving all students safely and professionally. The safety and reliable operation of our campus elevators is a very high priority,” Ferris said. “This concern is evidenced by our service contract, state inspections and weekly conversations with the service vendor as to the current state of the elevators.”

If a student encounters a problem with an elevator on campus, he or she should contact the Work Control Center, a division of Physical Plant. The call will generate a work order that will be acted upon immediately.