Transportation thefts on the rise: Report

by Kevin Smead

During the past few days, there has been an increase in the number of transportation-related thefts on and around campus.

Around midnight on Monday night, a red Micargi single-speed bicycle was taken from outside Love Library. The bike was secured with a lock.

Saturday afternoon, a reporting caller said his or her car had been broken into and several items were stolen. The items included a backpack with bank statements inside and the caller’s high school transcript. The car had reportedly been parked in the same location for several days.

On Friday afternoon, another bike was taken from Zura Residence Hall on Montezuma Road. The bicycle reported stolen was a red Fuji, valued at $130.

Last Thursday, two bicycles were stolen from the Geology, Mathematics, Computer Science building, several hours apart. The first was a white and red Schwinn. The second was a black Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike with front and rear lights. Another bike, a black Schwinn, was stolen from the bike rack at the College of Extended Studies Thursday afternoon.

Also on Thursday, a motorcycle was stolen from PS4 on Aztec Circle Drive. A report was taken and the vehicle was entered into Stolen Vehicle Services.

Several other incidents occurred this past week as well.

Around 1 a.m. Monday morning, a large, intoxicated male was reported attempting to hug a female in Love Library. The subject was reportedly very cooperative as he was escorted out of the library.

Monday evening, a middle-aged Hispanic woman was seen on Montezuma Road and Campanile Drive. The subject was reportedly asking for help, claiming she was insane. The subject had dark, shoulder-length hair, a white beanie and a dark blue coat. She was taken to Alvarado Hospital Medical Center for an evaluation.

Anyone with information regarding these and other incidents are encouraged to contact the SDSU Police Department at 619-594-1991, or at

— Compiled by Senior Staff Writer Kevin Smead