Dance with Delorean at The Casbah

by Ryo Miyauchi

Nowadays, dance music is often produced through computer software programs, but Spanish band Delorean brings a live, organic feel to the genre. On Feb. 6, Delorean is performing at The Casbah, supported by another electronic act, Until the Ribbon Breaks.

While Delorean’s upcoming February show at The Casbah is a great event to start the new year with a bang, it takes one listen from its warm music to know the band’s performance is more fitting for the summertime when the sun never seems to set. The type of electronic music Delorean is similar to European house and pop music. There’s a tropical warmth in Delorean’s songs much more mellow and friendly than the aggressive dance music popular in the United States. The band crafts dance music as it was meant to be, which is a form of joyful escapism for a live set.

Delorean has been making music since 2000, but it’s only in the last five years that its music caught the ear of the people in the U.S. The band’s breakthrough 2010 album, “Subiza,” achieves a great middle between live-band disco and studio-produced house music. The latest record from the band, “Apar,” improves upon more of the live aspect of its music with Delorean sounding more as a fully formed band than an anonymous collection of studio producers.

The U.K.-based electronic musician Until the Ribbon Breaks should be a perfect supporting act for Delorean. The musician sings over his own productions that lay colorful synthesizer melodies on top of sleek break-beat percussions. His recent extended play, “A Taste of Silver,” showcases a blend of intricate synth-pop and futurist rhythm and blues. Until the Ribbon Breaks has also shared some great remixes which he calls his ”re-imaginations,” handing in exciting edits of songs by Lorde, Sam Smith and The Weeknd.

For dance music fans who are looking for something different than a typical DJ set, the Delorean show with Until the Ribbon Breaks should be exciting. The show is on Thursday Feb. 6, and Delorean will make it feel like the weekend of a lifetime.

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