CF: How to dress for combat

by Staff

During the wintertime, my favorite accessory has to be my knee-high leather boots. I wear them almost every day. They’re perfectly worn in and so incredibly comfortable that I never want to take them off. The best part about boots is that they are always stylish, yet rugged as well — so if I have to traipse through mud or climb a mountain, I’m prepared. However, lately the temperatures have been rising and my tall cozy boots have become sweatboxes for my feet anytime the sun hits their wonderful black leather. Sadly, I think it may be time to store them away until next year. But how will I be prepared for all terrain and conditions now? The answer: combat boots.

This Fashionista has the perfect pair of worn-in, mid-calf leather combat boots. They’re tightly tied around her feet, then left loose near the top to let in the springtime breeze. She could easily wear these to any festival or outing that happens this spring. Here, she has worn her boots with a great little black dress, a cream coat and sheer tights. She accessorized with a large scarf, pearl earrings, a waist belt and a two-finger ring. While her combat boots are rugged and already stand out on their own, she shows it is very simple to dress them up to look classy and pretty instead of ready for battle. This outfit is completely versatile and could easily go from day to night, or cold to hot weather — just like her combat boots.

Combat boots are sold at so many retail locations — from thrift stores to higher end retailers like Nordstrom — that you’re sure to find the perfect pair if you just do some searching. Or, you can go straight for the classic and get yourself a pair of Dr. Martens.

Hint: The key to finding the perfect pair of combat boots is to make sure the pair you purchase is comfortable. Hard leather is difficult to break in and can cause a lot of foot and leg pain, so watch out.