Gift giving is a way to show loved ones you care

by Natalie Borton, Staff Writer

It seems like the second you put down your fork from the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, the holiday season begins.

I believe this time of year brings people together. It provides special occasions to make memories that last a lifetime. Yet, it seems like the obligation to buy gifts has taken the place of simply enjoying the season. Not to mention, gift giving on a college budget is an impossible task itself.

Why do we give gifts? Is it to show appreciation in a physical form?

When we were younger, it was the most magical time of the year. Then, as we get older, the magic tends to fade. I feel like gifts have become a task and a check on the to-do list. However, this is not to say that people should not be awarded for hard work or deserve a bonus here and there, but gifts get a bad wrap in general.

This holiday season, let’s all spin the narrative and put gifts in a different light.

So let’s set the new frontier and think, “What will be the best memory for this person?” Everyone needs extra love to know they are appreciated this season. The most cherished times in my life are from creative activities people have gifted me such as concerts or dinners.

With this, I’ve thought of some helpful tips to a no-stress gift-giving checklist. (Cue the Michael Buble Christmas Album.)

For your best friend, write a heartfelt card and plan a fun activity. The activity is a vague statement, but depending on the person it can range from grabbing dinner, a picnic or a Disney Plus night.

For that special someone, give them something that will make them laugh. This can be an ugly sweater, a card with a funny memory or even ice skating.

For the roommate, show them you care by putting together a little box of treats or candy —  even though you might share a shoebox together you can still get along.

For the family, a framed memory or treat from the farmer’s market is easy, quick and meaningful.

Gifts are not physical obligations.

To give someone a gift is a great reminder for how special and appreciated they are. It’s an individual and unique way to let them know that the year is full of long trials and triumphs but their presence has made an impact on your life.

Natalie Borton is a senior studying public relations. Follow her on Twitter @natalierborton.