SDSU breaks world record for largest Twister board

by Andrea Ciardiello

Katie Foster, Staff Photographer

On Aug. 31, San Diego State made history at the Aztec Recreation Center by setting the world record for the largest playable Twister board. The annual event was part of Aztec Nights, a series of free events to welcome students to a new year and new semester.

Programs coordinator at the ARC, Brett Kehler, has been involved with Break a World Record Night since SDSU was first recognized in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the largest game of dodgeball in 2010. Kehler said occasions such as Break a World Record Night are fun activities for students, which also “curtail drug and alcohol use” during the first few weeks of school.

Although SDSU attempted to break the world record in Baggo last year, Guinness World Records did not acknowledge the attempt. In order to ensure recognition for Friday’s event, Hasbro donated approximately 1,300 Twister boards for the occasion.

A Guinness representative was present to affirm SDSU had broken the world record for largest playable game, with a 24,480 square-foot Twister board. The record, was previously held by the University of

Twente in the Netherlands, made in September 2011 with a 23,000 square-foot board.

The event was a collaborative ef- fort between Associated Students, the ARC and SDSU Student Affairs to provide food, fun and drinks for new and returning SDSU students. When asked what prompted the idea for Friday’s event, A.S. President Rob O’Keefe said events during Welcome Week are hosted so students get a chance to meet new people, have fun and build camaraderie.

These events also give students, especially freshmen, an opportunity to learn about SDSU facilities, a sentiment echoed by A.S. Recreation Board Chair member, Kristen Larsen, who believes it is a fun way to get people to come to the gym and attract attention to programs promoted by SDSU organizations.

This year’s Break a World Record Night was a huge success and achieved a great turnout by students hoping to be a part of history. Students socialized and shared their excitement about participat- ing while enjoying the festive environment.

“Having a chance to make his- tory feels incredible,” a fifth year student, Matt Horton exclaimed. “I’m going to be part of a world record!”

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