Mocha Frappuccinos break into club culture with whipped cream

by Stephanie Campos, Contributor

From participating in communal coffee outings to combating stereotypes, the Mocha Frap Club does it all – at least in the realm of coffee, that is.

The Mocha Frap Club was founded by sophomore business majors Gavin Lombardi and Erik Moore at the start of the semester. The club was founded upon the students’ love for mocha frappuccinos as well as a desire to combat the idea that women are the only ones who can enjoy one on a cool autumn day. 

They promote an open environment for frappuccino lovers and the club is open for anyone to join. The only prerequisite is the love for mocha frappuccinos. One member even went as far to say he spends about $100 a month solely on this comforting drink. 

Sophomore business major Jake Ramos, a member of the club, said the club is a fun, low-commitment way to meet others on campus.

“I wanted to find a new way to meet people on campus,” Ramos said. “Since it is a light hearted organization, I know meetings and get togethers will not add stress to my already full plate, but instead only add positive things and people into my life.” 

Since the club is fairly new, the executive board said they are open to suggestions. Aside from the casual hangouts and conversing with one another, the club has thought about having a “Do It Yourself” mocha frap day. 

The event would consist of each person making their own frappuccinos with an array of choices of toppings including items like whipped cream, caramel drizzle, sprinkles and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Once everyone has made their own unique frappuccino, they will be able to share their special mixes and try everyone else’s. 

The first mocha frappuccino was introduced to Starbucks more than 20 years ago and has been giving energy to people worldwide ever since, according to Starbucks Stories. 

Members of the club’s executive board said their favorite parts of the drink are at the end when you mix the whipped cream with the rest of the drink. This experience is second to the first taste of the drizzle on the whipped cream. 

Moore, the club’s co-founder, said he has a special system drinking frappuccinos.

“For anyone out there who has not tried a mocha frappuccino before I definitely recommend pairing it with a warm croissant and always going for the grande because it is just the right amount,” he said.  

When it comes to planning Starbucks runs, Lombardi, the club’s co-founder, said being in Mocha Frap Club makes waiting in line a little less lonely.

“I can always count on my fellow members to grab a drink at Starbucks with me, or have a conversation with me,” Lombardi said. “It is really nice to be able to bond over something so simple with a group of people I might not even know. It just shows how easily such different people can come together and stand as an example of openness on this campus.”

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Stephanie Campos is a sophomore studying journalism.

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