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She experiments with bright, interesting makeup styles.

Scene at State: Royal fashion from trendy student

by Kelly Kerrigan , Senior Staff Writer // February 26, 2020

When you tie together the royalty of the late Prince and the boldness of modern fashion icon Travis Scott, somewhere in the middle you’ll find media...

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Norma Iglesias-Prieto also spoke in front of the art to the audience. She curated the exhibit.

Celebrating 50 years of art activism with print exhibit

by Roxana Becerril, Engagement Editor // February 25, 2020

Amidst a myriad of colorful images depicting everything from an Aztec clenching a cluster of grapes to a print that reads “Viva La Raza,” was a...

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Miles Watkins is afirst year public administration graduate student.

Students celebrate black pride and their experiences

by Aleah Jarin, Contributor // February 19, 2020

Black History Month is a special time to reflect, appreciate and celebrate the many achievements of black figures throughout history and those who are...

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Pink makeup and filters are a classic look for eGirls.

New influencers on the block: eTeens

by Kelly Kerrigan , Senior Staff Writer // February 5, 2020

A year ago, if you asked me or anyone my age what Tik Tok was, we would have had no idea what you were talking about.  Now, Tik Tok has lured us in...

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One of the Twitter polls revealed Kendrick Lamar as a winner.

Wrapping up the last decade with second half of our “Best Albums” poll

by Ryan Hardison, Staff Writer // January 22, 2020

Since our first installment of the decade’s best albums poll in December, followers of the The Daily Aztec Twitter page have continued to vote on their...

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In the food sections, eating healthy foods you love is key to creating a healthy habit.

How to switch resolutions to healthy lifestyles

by Ceighlee Fennel , Arts and Culture Editor // January 22, 2020

Do any of your New Year’s Resolutions involve losing weight? Exercising more? Sneaking more self care into your day?  If any of these apply to you,...

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There were lots of lights throughout Balboa Park for December Nights, including this huge Christmas tree.

December Nights lights up Balboa Park’s sky again

by Catlan Nguyen, Staff Writer // December 11, 2019

The holiday season in San Diego may not always feel like winter with the warm weather, but the various holiday events in town warm even the grinchiest...

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San Diego's first Wonderfront Festival where land and sea met art and music

San Diego’s first Wonderfront Festival where land and sea met art and music

by Roxana Becerril, Staff Writer // December 4, 2019

It was a three-day wave of art and music at the first-ever Wonderfront Music and Arts Festival. Using the area where the San Diego Bay meets the city...

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Must-see artworks on campus

Must-see artworks on campus

by Devin Whatley, Staff Writer // November 20, 2019

San Diego State’s campus is home to many different types of arts. They are seen by students everyday, but can often go unnoticed. Here are some notable...

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Vinyl creates experiences that never die

Vinyl creates experiences that never die

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Engagement Editor // November 13, 2019

On Adams Avenue, nestled between a gelato shop and a cafe, you’ll find Ruthie Bible sitting on a stool behind a cash register in a skinny storefront...

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The alter honored many activists.

Day of the Dead takes on political issues

by Diane López, Assistant Editor for Mundo Azteca // November 6, 2019

Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican tradition that spans from Nov. 1 to 2 every year.  It is a time to remember loved ones who have passed...

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Can’t carve a pumpkin without pictures

by Ceighlee Fennel // October 30, 2019

The Daily Aztec held a photo contest this past week on Instagram! The winners got a chance to be published on The Backpage of our Oct. 30 issue. Check...

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