Senior Farewell: Jack Molmud

by Jack Molmud, Live Producer

For various reasons, somewhat selfishly, I am excited that classes moved online. My last semester felt like it was going to end too easily. Plus it’s kind of fitting.

Perhaps even more selfishly, I am glad commencement might get canceled. It’s also kind of fitting … plus, I secretly never wanted to sit inside Viejas Arena for hours waiting to get my diploma from people I don’t even know. I feel bad that’s how I secretly think, but who can blame me? Let’s move on.

What I am facing is fitting because there’s always something seemingly in the way; a chip on my shoulder at almost every stage in my life.

I mean, who doesn’t have obstacles in their life? I’m sure you can write thousands of pages about each person on earth regarding their woes and regrets. I can go on about how I grew up in a cult or my divorced parents … but those stories are for the birds (not scooters). It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Let’s move on.

I find it very hard to reflect on my time at SDSU. It just seems so short. I really have had only four semesters here. I’m not going to reflect on my coverage because it’s for you to read/watch and not for me to talk about. Let’s move on.

I thank Mirella for reaching out to me. I thank Amal for dealing with my attitude and pushing me to be better. I thank Jocelyn for encouraging me to hone in on student organizations. I thank Voice of San Diego for the best internship I could have ever asked for. I thank Stephan, Matteo and Cristian for being rats with me. Thank you, Will, David, Kyle, Alexa, Angela and Marion.

Lastly, I want to thank all the sources who opened up to me. They are students, teachers, alumni, concerned parents, school shooter survivors, sexual assault survivors and so much more. That goes for everyone I interviewed at community college too — you matter more than anything.

We hold authority to an extremely high standard because if we didn’t, no one would. We cover SDSU-specific issues because if we didn’t, no one would. We put care into fact-checking because if we didn’t, no one would.

If no one is there to shine a light on the darkest of places, then darkness it shall be.

Let’s move on.