Senior Farewell: Ceighlee Fennel


by Ceighlee Fennel , Arts & Culture Editor

The coronavirus may have postponed graduation, but us seniors are still technically graduating and moving on. It feels like the rug was swiped out from under our feet, but the pandemic doesn’t change how much I loved my college experience.

My time at San Diego State has been the biggest rollercoaster in my life. From showing up having never seen campus to not wanting to leave, I have loved being a student here. I have made insane memories and unbreakable bonds. People always hype college up, but I can honestly say I had a blast with the good, the bad and the ugly.

I love my family, friends and animals with my whole heart. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. I definitely didn’t make it on my own. I have been supported throughout my journey, and I’m so happy I have that in my life.

I have learned an incredible amount about myself since I’ve been here. I learned I love sushi, dislike studying in the library and obsess over friend game nights. I’ve overcome failure, isolation and depression. I’ve received lifelong friends, life lessons and inspiration. All of those are just to name a few of course.

I also want to take a moment to explain what The Daily Aztec means to me. I’ve been writing for the paper for four years, since I was a freshman. This year I was excited to tackle the role of the arts and culture editor. It is my dream to travel the world as a National Geographic journalist who tells all types of stories. I thought The Daily Aztec was a good place to start.

The DA became a place where people could understand the world of journalism because it isn’t the easiest place to be. I’m sure we have all experienced the support of another person who shares your passion. Being around that energy is amazing. I have loved sharing this world with some of my really good friends. I also had three awesome editors, Christine, Cami and Julianna who helped guide me to the writer I am now.

I hope I have been that for my own writers. I want to help them grow and write about what they love. You guys are going to do amazing things.

As to my future, it’s uncertain of course, but not many futures are. Technically, the future doesn’t even exist. My plan is to move to Washington D.C. and apply to National Geographic until they hire me. While I’m shooting my shot, I hope to also freelance for different publications and travel write for my own adventure blog. Some of these plans are on hold for now, but one day I will make them happen.

But for now, I hope I can soak up every second and live in the present. I love my life here in San Diego.