Senior Farewell: Aleah Jarin

by Aleah Jarin, Senior Staff Writer

If you told me a year ago, when I was contemplating joining The Daily Aztec, that I would get to write stories covering topics I love, have multiple front-page stories and appear on the cover of the Black History Month issue – I wouldn’t believe it for a second. 

Fast forward to a year and three months later, I’m so happy and proud to say all of those things and more happened. 

When I transferred to San Diego State in fall 2019, I knew I had to get involved somehow and find my community. I felt like I had to make up for lost time since I knew I’d only have two years at SDSU instead of the “traditional” four years. 

At the start of the spring 2020 semester, I finally decided to take the leap and get involved with The DA. At the time, this decision was daunting to me as I was still trying to adjust to university life, but as I now reflect, this decision changed my life in all the best ways. 

Writing for this paper gave me the community I was longing for, introduced me to so many talented and passionate individuals and provided me with a tremendous amount of self-growth. 

I learned how to craft my interviewing and writing skills and find my voice. On a personal level, I gained a new sense of confidence, started to believe in myself and see my potential. 

Being featured on the front page of The DA’s Black History Month issue for establishing SDSU’s National Association of Black Journalists chapter was such an honor and a moment I will never forget. Seeing myself and other phenomenal Black women on this cover being recognized for our accomplishments was so surreal and fulfilling. 

Seeing my opinion piece “You can’t dim my #BlackGirlMagic” grace the front page of this issue as well, right below the cover’s graphic image, was truly the cherry on top. I’m so grateful and will forever be honored that The DA recognized all my efforts and chose to highlight me. 

Although the pandemic caused us to transition online and conduct meetings virtually, it’s been such a pleasure getting to write for this stellar college newspaper and getting to know the fantastic staff who make up The DA. 

I’m so proud of every story I’ve written and thankful for all the knowledge I gained along the way. 

Even though I only got to be on campus for a semester and a half, The DA helped me feel like I was still there on campus connecting with people and creating memories.

I will always remember and cherish my time as a senior staff writer for The Daily Aztec. 

Thank you, The Daily Aztec, for all the memories. Thank you for reminding me why journalism matters and for reminding me why I chose this career in the first place. Thank you for giving me a “home.”

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