2021-22 Arts & Culture Editor: Ryan Hardison


Photo provided by Ryan Hardison.

by The Editorial Board

Ryan Hardison has been named Arts & Culture Editor of The Daily Aztec for the 2021-22 academic year.

Before becoming Arts & Culture Editor, Hardison was a staff writer and senior staff writer for the Arts & Culture section, covering the best new music and film releases as well as SDSU campus life. He also occasionally wrote for the Opinion section of The Daily Aztec, collaborating with incoming Managing Editor Trinity Bland on various tribute stories and writing about every topic that was pissing him off at the time.  

Originally from Long Beach, California, Hardison enjoys writing for his music blog, The Spot, eating adobada burritos, struggling to skate and surf, and watching the Los Angeles Angels self-destruct every single year.  

Ryan Hardison is a senior studying journalism, sociology and history.