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Dear Jesy Nelson: your actions lost you a fan

Screenshot from Jesy Nelson’s livestream

I’ve been a fan of the British girl group Little Mix for a little over a decade. 

Little Mix was formed in 2011 on the UK version of the “X-Factor.” Since becoming the first girl group to win “X-Factor” they have sold over 60 million records worldwide, according to Popbuzz.  

Despite the group’s global success, one of its members, Jesy Nelson, decided last year that it was time to part ways with the group despite their global success. 

On Oct. 8, Nelson released her first-ever solo single called “BOYZ” which features Nicki Minaj. 

Before the release of “BOYZ,” “mixers” (Little Mix’s fandom) were supporting her journey to branch out creatively and to focus on her mental health. 

Her history with mental health issues made it clear why she would want to take a step back, but here’s the problem with her departure from the group: Instead of using it as a time to create music and to heal, she used it as a time to start drama with her former bandmates.   

There are numerous unnecessary videos and posts of Nelson complaining about her experience being in Little Mix. This petty drama is one of many incidents Nelson has gotten herself into. 

To touch on a few, fans accused her of  “blackfishing” after posting controversial videos and for being a bit tone deaf when it comes to important issues. 

However, she hasn’t taken accountability for them and it shows in her recent projects. 

“BOYZ” received negative attention and sparked controversy. Many social media users have been angry with Nelson for being insensitive in the song and music video. Fans believe the song is culturally appropriating, an issue Nelson was accused of in the past. 

Despite these accusations, she has spoken out and said that it was “never her intention to hurt people.” 

Her actions said otherwise. 

After her music video was released and after her pathetic attempt at an apology, she made multiple appearances on radio shows and even an Instagram livestream with Minaj — the livestream where all respect for Nelson was lost.

The livestream was broadcasted to Nelson’s 8.4 million followers with over 100,000 viewers tuning in. 

Nelson should have realized before airing her grievances on the internet that she needed to accept responsibility for her actions rather than shifting blame. 

During the livestream, Minaj and Nelson discussed the accusations of Nelson’s blackfishing as well as the hatred they both received.

Minaj went on a tangent, saying certain celebrities shouldn’t try to ruin people’s lives or careers with “hate trains.” Minaj also mentioned some messages (that aren’t verified to be true) that involved Little Mix member, Leigh-Anne Pinnock. The messages released were screenshotted by TikToker NoHun with messages showing members of Little Mix saying Nelson apparently blocked them. Another alleged message claimed Pinnock told the TikToker to “expose” Nelson for blackfishing.  

“If I was rocking about, with you for 10 years and there was something so horrible about you, and then as soon as we part ways, I was texting about you immediately, that person has to wear a big red clown nose and clown boots.” Minaj said on the livestream referring to Pinnock. “When people part ways go about your f*cking business. Whether you brought it up behind closed doors or whatever, you are a f*cking clown.” 

The moment that was eye-opening in this livestream was when Nelson finally had a moment to say something about the allegations. 

“I was in a group with two women of color for nine years and it was never brought up to me up until the last music video that I did with them when she messaged me and said, ‘Jesy, I want to make you aware.’” Nelson said. 

The Little Mix girls have given their love and support for Jesy Nelson for the last 10 years but this petty drama has given “mixers” more reasons NOT to support Nelson’s solo career going forward. 

Cristina Lombardo is a senior studying journalism.

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Cristina Lombardo, '21-22 Assistant Arts & Culture Editor
Cristina Lombardo is a senior studying journalism.
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Dear Jesy Nelson: your actions lost you a fan